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Can you name the person that Lord Voldemort is talking to when uttering each of these quotes?

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Sir, I wondered what you know about... about Horcruxes?
Haven't I already told you, that killing Mudbloods doesn't matter to me anymore? For many months now, my new target has been - you.
I do not need to seek Potter. Before the night is out, Potter will have come to find me.
I brought you flowers
Who was the thief, ...?
Do you think I have entered the Ministry of Magic to hear your snivelling apologies?
Stand aside, you silly girl...stand aside now.
Will you babysit the cubs?
Yes, I speak it
Destroying dangerous beasts for the Ministry of Magic now, Wormtail tells me? You shall have better victims than that soon, .... Lord Voldemort will provide
Pick up your little friend, .... And the glasses—put on the glasses—he must be recognizable—
Use the boy... Use the boy...
Stand up. You ask for forgiveness? I do not forgive. I do not forget. Thirteen long years...I want thirteen years' repayment before I forgive you.
Will the Ministry have fallen by next Saturday?
I need somebody with brains, somebody whose loyalty has never wavered, and you, unfortunately, fulfill neither requirement.
You show spirit and bravery, and you come of noble stock. You will make a very valuable Death Eater.
Avery told me Bode would be able to remove it.
You are out of luck. I will not be feeding Wormtail to you, after all...but never mind, never mind...there is still Harry Potter....
While you live, ..., the Elder Wand cannot truly be mine.
I'd much rather stay at Hogwarts than go back to that - to that--
Get away, bird. Get away from him - I said, get away--
Your wand, ..., give me your wand!
You have no wife. Nobody knows you are here. You told nobody that you were coming. Do not lie to Lord Voldemort, Muggle, for he knows...he always knows...
You. Examine him. Tell me whether he is dead.
I can speak to snakes. I found out when we've been to the country on trips--they find me, they whisper to me. Is that normal for a wizard?

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