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QuestionAnswerBible reference
BrotherEx 4:14
SisterEx 15:20
FatherNum 26:59
MotherNum 26:59
WifeEx 2:21
Sons (name one)Ex 2:22, 18:4
Father-in-lawEx 2:18-21, 3:1
Tribe he belonged toEx 2:1-10
Country where he was bornEx 1-2
Country he fled to and lived as a shepherd in for 40 yearsEx 2:15
Item he turned into a snakeEx 4:2-5
River he turned to bloodEx 7:17-21
Mountain where he received the commandmentsEx 19-20
Animal his brother made an image of for people to worshipEx 32:1-24
Alloy the snake he made to cure the people of snake bites was made ofNum 21:8-9
Mountain where he diedDeut 34:15
Man who succeeded him as leader of the peopleDeut 3:28, 31:7
Prophet together with whom he came and spoke to Jesus at the mountain of transfigurationMatt 17:3

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