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QuestionAnswerBible reference
WifeGen 3:20
Oldest sonGen 4:1
Second sonGen 4:2
Third sonGen 4:25
Was created on this day (number)Gen 1:26-31
Lived in this gardenGen 2:8
Which, after he had been driven out of it, was guarded by these beings, to keep him from returningGen 3:24
Ate fruit from this forbidden treeGen 2:17, 3:6
... because this animal had tricked his wife into eating itGen 3:1-6
Apostle that blames him for making 'death spread to all men' and bringing 'condemnation for all men'Rom 1:1, 5:12, 18
Made his first clothes out of leaves from this treeGen 3:7
Received clothes from God made of this materialGen 3:21
Occupation after leaving the garden of the LordGen 3:17-19
Was made from this and shall return to thisGen 3:19
Described as a counterimage to this 'last Adam'1 Cor 15:45

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