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QuestionAnswerBible reference
Original nameGen 11:27
FatherGen 11:27
Brothers (name one)Gen 11:27
First wifeGen 11:29
Wife's servant whom Abraham had a child withGen 16:1-4
Second wife whom he married after the death of the first wifeGen 25:1
Oldest sonGen 16:15
Second sonGen 21:23
Second son's wifeGen 24:67
Nephew, who came with Abraham when leaving UrGen 11:31
Place where they settled for a while before moving to Canaan (where the father died)Gen 11: 31-32
Land to which they fled to avoid famineGen 12:10
Priest and king whom Abraham gave tithe to and who blessed AbrahamGen 14:17-20
Two cities that the Lord planned to destroy and Abraham pleaded for him not to destroy if there were at least five righteous people thereGen 18:20-32
Land to which Abraham was told to go and sacrifice his sonGen 22:2
Cave near Mambre where Abraham and his wife are buriedGen 23:1-20, 25:9
Author of the Epistle to the Romans which describes Abraham as righteous by faithRom 1:1, 4:1-5

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