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The Lord told Isaac 'through your offspring ...'
What did Isaac lie and tell the men of Gerar that his wife was (Gen 26)?
With what did Rebekah cover Jacob's hands and neck to fool Isaac (Gen 27)?
What did Jacob name the place where he had the dream about the stairway to heaven (Gen28)?
Who became Jacob's father in law (Gen 29)?
How many years did Jacob have to work to marry Rachel (Gen 29)?
Who was Jacob's firstborn son (Gen 29)?
What was the name of Rachel's servant?
What was Jacob's daughter called (Gen 30)?
How many times did Laban cheat and change Jacob's wages (Gen 31)?
What did Rachel steal from Laban (Gen 31)?
Jacob wrestled with someone who changed his name (Gen 32). To what?
What did Esau do to Jacob when he returned (Gen 33)?
Who raped Jacob's daugher (Gen 34)?
What did Rachel want to name Benjamin (Gen 35)?
What is another name for Esau (Gen 36)?
What were Joseph and his brothers binding in his dream (Gen 37)?
To whom did Joseph's brothers sell him as a slave (Gen 37)?
Who did Joseph work for as a slave in Egypt (Gen 37)?
Judah had a son with his daughter in law (Gen 38). Who was she?
Joseph was sent to prison, falsely accused of what (Gen 39)?
Two inprisoned men let Joseph interpret their dreams. One was set free and got his job back and the other died (Gen 40) - how did he die?
How many sleek and fat cows were in Pharaoh's dream (Gen 41)?
What was his second dream about (Gen 41)?
What did Joseph accuse his brothers of being, when they came to Egypt to buy food (Gen 42)?
Which of the brothers was put in prison and left behind when the others returned home to Canaan (Gen 42)?
What was found Benjamin's sack (Gen 44)?
In what region of Egypt did the israelites get to stay (Gen 46)?
What were the names of Joseph's sons (Gen 48)?
Where was Jacob buried (Gen 50)?

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