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What did Pharaoh turn the israelites into when they became too numerous?
What were the names of the two midwives that refused to obey Pharaoh's commandment to kill all the baby boys at birth?
What did Moses' mother put him in to save him from Pharaoh?
Which occupation did Moses' father in law Jethro have?
What was Moses' told to take off, because he was standing on holy ground?
What was the name of Moses' wife?
What was the first plague God sent on the egyptians?
During which of the plagues did Pharaoh for the first time say that he would let the israelites go and worship the Lord (but then changed his mind)?
What kind of animals devoured everything, so that nothing green remained on tree or plant in all the land of Egypt?
To avoid the angel of death taking their firstborns along with the egyptians', the people of Israel were told to take blood from a lamb and strike it on what?
The Lord led the people through a pillar of what?
From which quarter did the wind blow that the Lord sent to blow away the sea, so that the people could walk through it on dry ground?
Which female prophet led the other women in worship with her timbrel and song?
What kind of birds did the israelites eat in the desert?
What people came and attacked the Israelites at Rephidim?
Moses' father in law inspired him to appoint what over the people?
On which mountain did the Lord give Moses the law?
FIll in the misssing word/words: Remember the ____ by keeping it holy
Three times a year the people were to celebrate a festival to God - the Festival of Harvest, the Festival of Ingathering and what?
How many days and nights did Moses stay up on the mountain with the Lord?
What kind of wood did they build the ark of?
How many precious stones did Aaron have on his breastpiece?
God filled a man with his Spirit to give him skills to make artistic design and lead the work in building the tabernacle and the things in it. What was his name?
What kind of animal did Aaron make a golden image of?
When Moses called out “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me.”, which tribe rallied to him?
When Moses asked to see the glory of God, he replied that no one can see his face. What part did Moses get to see?
After seeing the Lord, Moses became radiant. What did he have to wear when he came back down to the people?
What kind of angels were on the ark?
How many arms on each side did the lampstand of the tabernacle have?
What did the pillar do when they had set up the tabernacle?

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