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What did David do when he heard about Saul's death? a) Celebrate his enemy's demise b) Prepare to take over the throne c) Kill the messenger
Finish the quote from David's mourning song over Jonathan in 2 Sam 1: Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of ...
What was the name of Saul's son that Abner made king (2 Sam 2)?
Abner went over to David's side, but someone didn't believe him and killed him, who (2 Sam 3)?
#3 was stabbed to death by two Beerothites (2 Sam 4). In what part of the body was he stabbed?
Which city did David conquer from the Jebusites (2 Sam 5)?
Who died after irrevently taking a hold on the ark (2 Sam 6)?
What did David do while bringing the ark to his hometown which upset Michal (2 Sam 6)?
Fill in the blank from 2 Sam 7 - 'Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be ... forever'
David defeated the king of Zobah. He was an important king, many from other peoples either helped him against David or celebrated his defeat. What was he called?
What was the name of the son of Jonathan who was lame in both feet (2 Sam 9)?
When the king of the Ammonites died, David sent a delegation to express his sympathy to the son, but the son answered by humiliating them (2 Sam 10). What did he do?
Who was the beautiful woman that David committed adultery with (2 Sam 11)?
And what was the name of her husband that David had killed (2 Sam 11)?
Which prophet rebuked David for this (2 Sam 12)?
The prophet told him a parable about a rich and a poor man. What did the rich man take from the poor (2 Sam 12)?
David's daughter Tamar was raped by her halfbrother (2 Sam 13). What was his name?
Tamar's brother, Absalom, killed him for that. #4 pleaded for him with the help of a woman from which town (2 Sam 14)? Clue: The prophet Amos also came from the same place
Absalom conspired against David to take over the throne. David's best counsellor was among those that crossed over to Absalom's side (2 Sam 15-16). What was he called?
Jonathan and Ahimaaz were about to go with a warning to David, but had to hide from Absalom (2 Sam 17). They hid inside a what?
Absalom got caught in an oak tree (2 Sam 18). Which part of him was it that got stuck?
When David returned to Jerusalem, a man who had earlier cursed David came and asked for forgiveness. David pardoned him (2 Sam 19). What was his name?
What was the name of the Benjaminite who tried to start an uproar against David saying 'We have no portion in David' (2 Sam 20)?
There was a famine for three years because of Saul's deceit against what people (2 Sam 21)?
During the war against the Philistines, David's nephew killed a huge man (2 Sam 21). How many fingers and toes did he have?
Finish the quote from David's victory song (2 Sam 22): The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my ...
Fill in the blank from 2 Sam 22: He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he ... in me
Finish the quote from David's last speech (2 Sam 23): If my house were not right with God, surely he would not have made with me an everlasting ...
Which one of these is not one of 'the Three' among David's mighty worriors (2 Sam 23) - Eleazar, Josheb-Basshebeth, Shammah or Asaph?
When the Lord was angry over David's census, he let him choose between three kinds of punishment: famine, enemies or the third option, which David chose (2 Sam 24). Which was that?

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