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January 11thMark Thatcher, son of Margaret, disappears during this sporting event
January 24thThis team won Superbowl XVI
January 26thIs appointed President of Finland
March 1stThis Soviet ship enters Venusian atmosphere
March 5thThis comedian/actor dies from a cocaine overdose
March 10thThe US announces oil embargo on this nation
April 17thThis country gains full independence from UK
May 2ndThis ship is sunk, during the Falklands War
May 26thBecome the sixth English team to win European Cup in six years
May 30thBecomes first new NATO member since 1955
June 11thOne of highest-grossing movies to date released in US.
June 12th750,000 rally against nuclear weapons in this park
June 18thResigns as military dictator of Argentina
July 11thDefeat West Germany to win football's World Cup
August 4thUN votes to censure this country
September 14thThis Princess of Monaco and former actress dies following a road accident
September 14thThis Lebanese President-elect is assassinated
September 26thDavid Hasselhoff stars in this new TV show
October 1stBecomes new Chancellor of (West) Germany
October 1stThis company launches the first commercial compact disc (CD)
October 8thPoland bans this group
October 11thThis ship, sunk in 1545, is raised
October 20thThis team wins World Series
October 28thBecomes new President of Spain
October 30thThis motor company ceases production
November 12thSucceeds Brezhnev as head of Soviet Union
November 14thLeader of outlawed movement is released from Polish prison
November 30thReleases 'Thriller', biggest selling album of all time
December 4thFirst US execution by lethal injection in this state
December 13thEarthquake in this country kills at least 1,507

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