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Forced Order
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States that the French must trade with the French Colonial EmpireExample of rigid monopolies of Mercantilism
Leaning, showing muscle formDonatello, David(1245)
North American colony that was a Catholic Refuge1634
Humans, through their reason and abilities, have the ablility to know what is good and what is badCatholics, Aquinas
The Palm Nation, in Brazil, lives in Amazon in 1600s, form independent slave republic with 30,000 citizensWar With Portugues 1660s-1690s, defeated in 1694
God fits each one of us to look for our 'calling'...a subjective and individual place in the worldGod appoints duties to every person so that he doesnt needlessly wander in life, actions are judged in God's sight by ones vocation
Entire purpose is to create one dominant cash crop
Light/dark, contrast gives volumeAllows for human drama, realistic depiction of suffering, God no longer distant(suffering)...Caravaggio, Entombment of Christ(1602)
States that French Protestants can hold worship services in Protestant controlled towns/manors, and allows them to fortify/arm themselves against anyone who wants to come in and pr1598: Helps Henri IV win over Huguenots
Holds Mass of the Jesuits of Beijing...standard Latin Mass in Chinese-employs Chinese Musical scales, instruments, styleTook from Beijing Opera of Imperial Court
God's fore-ordained will, it has already been decided by God. God has no reason for choosing some rather than othersGod's 'election' of some in advance
Non interference in foreign affairs of other nation's domestic policies10/19
Increasingly interconnected 4 continents on ATL Rim(Africa, Europe, Americas)1450-1800
Befriended first Manchu Empire, Shunzui...becomes director of Bureau of Astronomy, one of most significant positions of Chinese Bureaucracy11/2
Series of trials by church authorities, excommunicated by Pope Leo XLeo X issues papal bull: finds 41 theological errors in the 95 theses
Arawak--welcomed and fed Columbus,,,killed some of CCs men who abused local woman Rebelled against CC...eventually got wiped out by disease and abuse
Portuguese established base of trade here1555
A French Caribbean Colony on island of Hispaniola...taken from Spain1659
Financed by Sir Walter Raleigh...a failed colony in the 1580s Virginia10/26
Charles V deprives Luther of protection of Holy Roman Empire1521
Calvinist thought, you can tell which people have been saved based on successBad works are a sign of damnation, shift form Luther's inability to know
10,000 French Catholics move here in 1600s(mostly bonded)...work in Fur trade with Algonquian and Huron IndiansIntermarry with indigienous population...___ has 75,000 people by 1750
English Colony taken from Dutch in 166410/26
Bible contains all knowledge necessary for salvation10/17
The returning priest serpent king...return was foretold by Aztec SUnMontezuma mistook Cortes as this God
Belief that there is a finite amount of wealth in the world, every nation tries to get as much of it as possible--nation states form rigid monopolies binding colonies to home countDiffers from capitalism in terms of trade practices
Independent communities of runaway slaves, common throughout AmericasOrganizer of most successful rebellions
Tribunal set up by Ferdinand and Isabella to reestablish Catholic Orthodoxy in Spain1480-1500, initially used to persecute Jews and Muslims...torture, persecution, forced conversions, eventually turned to Protestants in Spain
Founded in 1630 by Pilgrims-part of the reformed church traditionFirst to Leyden, Netherlands, then to New England
End to serfdom, end to high taxes, end new restrictions on communing priviliges, religious freedom1524-5--Demanded after the German Peasants revolt: inspired by climate of revolt in Northern Europe
3 dimensional...proximity of the divine, living as man10/7
Runaway slaves join Seminole tribesmen, form new tribe, raid Northern Florida PlantationsFrom Florida
Faith Alone will save you10/17
Spanish NoblesSeeked out riches and glory in Americas
Man is the measure of all things(cog in a larger univeral order)Assocaited with Boccacio---renaissance is grounded in this idea
Overtake the last holdout, the Emirate of Grenada1491
First settlement to survive in North America1607-VA, 1619-Bring first slaves to America...society with slaves, not slave society
No scriptural basis for Catholic understanding of salvation, 'election'Immodest to claim intimate knowledge of God's will
Pope splits up newly discovered lands to the West of Europe between Spain and Portugal1494-Gives Spain much of the territory of the new world, while Portugal gets access to land that becomes Brazil and African colonies
Powerful banking family in Mediterranean, parlay power into political powerTake control of Republic of Florence late in 1300s--they liked arts and wanted to give reign prestige and sophistication
Christ's death and resurrection are the only source of knowledge about who God is and who God savesLuther
NobilityEducated, not focused on serving the state--focused on the arts...visual and literary...fosters their own renaissance
Leaves Mass Bay Colony in 1636 to form Providence Plantattions(RI)...becomes baptistUncomfortable for crassness of Puritan ambitions for wealth accumulation...'In Massachusetts, their God is land'
Kills 90% of New England Indians in 1634Puritans viewed it as grace of God that none of them got sick
Restored Han Chinese rule in the Empire...rural prosperity under Hongwu1368-1644
Colony in British Caribbean taken from Spain1655
Orders expulsion of Jews from Spain1492
Deadliest conflict between settlers and Indians...settlers take control of Southern New England1675-6--Metacom
Emperor of the Aztecs, welcomed CortesEventually killed
Founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims/Puritans10/26
House of BourbonMinority include French Calvinists
Prominent insurance company, first one everCreated to insure slave ships
Every person born into world is utterly enslaved to sin and is unable to follow God or accept salvation except through Grace of God10/17
Making objects smaller as their distance from the observer increases...gives things depicted in painting or sculpture greated volumePietro Perugino, Delivery of the Keys(1480)
Spanish crown entrusts hidalgos with physical and moral upkeep of certain numbers of indigeneous people from a conquered territoryIn reality...a forced labor system imposed on Amerindians
We are all priests...hence all of us who believe in Christ are priests and kings in Christall can read, interpret Bible, theology
Achieved through faith and good works on earthPriests need to mediate...absolve men of their sins...buy indulgences to expedite the process...avoid hell
Protest against Clerical abuses, specifically the sale of indulgencesChurch at time raising $ for renovation of St. Peter's Basilica...traditionally seen as role between man and God
Christmas celebration in England---too dark to work late, harvest is in, fresh beer/meat'weas hail'--Puritans say no to it, peasants burn their houses
Admiral, voyaged through Indian Ocean with massive flotilla to show the power and glory of the Chinese Empire...gives/receives opulent gifts1405-53--Flotilla eventually burned
Grants each German prince the right to establish, for all his subjects, the religion that he himself professed1555-Lutheran states and Catholic States on equal footing within Holy Roman Empire

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