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Forced Order
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Taxes to the crown12/5
Calls for separation of powers in government into executive, judicial and legislative branches---avoid tyranny1748-Baron de Montesquieu---influenced Constitution
Parlors in private homes where philosophies gathered to talk about ideasIn France
Sacred language just for church servicesCreated by Cyril and Methodius
Agreement for Ottomans to abandon Hungary permanently and to give 'special consideration' to Christian subjects thru EuropeLong used as European justification for interfering in Ottoman realm
Ends in 1603 with the death of Elizabeth I11/16
Predominately Scots-Irish farmers angry at Brits effort to curb settlements of Western PA1763-66: Massacre the region's Indian population, take control--Quaker PA unable to stop them
Fleet of ships destroyed as they attempted to invade England1588
Russia scores decisive victory over Sweden--considered a major powerReplaces Sweden as major power--(1700-1721)
Agreement that they are legitimate representatives of French People1789--Constitute a national assembly
Peasants legally bound to the land, privately owned by LandlordsHalf owned by the Tsar
All knowledge is derived from our sensory experiencesIntellectual backdrop of Sci. Rev, challenges authority of Church, aspires to absolute truths
Authorize George Washington to form a standing army1775
2 Greek Priests---bring Christianity to Russia...wanted to convert/proselytizeMid 9th Century--learned Russian alphabet and adapted the Greek alphabet
NoblesHave far less power than in Western Europe
Radical priests that led peasant uprising in MexicoAim to seize power from landlords, colonial government
Divine right ruler of RussiaOwns majority of land in Russian empire....owns 1/2 of the peasants
The foundation of society is not given 'in nature': rather, we create society by mutual agreement...atomistic individuals come together to form societyHobbes, Rosseau
Battle when Colonies gain foreign recognition, increase foreign support1777
A tax on all printed documents, a stamp was affixed to any printed documents, pay down war debts, for defenses of colonies1765
Book which included an elaborate table of all ranks in society, numerical ranking of Boyar families11/14
Ongoing project of collecting human knowledge--included philosophical essaysDiderot--focus on technology(applied science, making improved human lives)--widespread circulation
Legislative commission to rewrite law codes of RussiaAppointed by Catherine: 30% aristocrats, 15 state owned peasants, 16 cossacks
Division between Eastern and Western Christianity1054
ParliementariansLed by Oliver Cromwell--Dissident Protestants(Puritans who became politically resurgent), take no prisoners--unspeakable brutality
New alphabet, enabled Russian to become written languageCreated by Cyril and Methodius
Part of Russian Countryside toured by Catherine the Great1770s
Taxes to the Church12/5
Royal family of ScotlandFollowed the Tudors
Ends Seven Years War1763
Vigilante group Attack11/30
Build a political organization1774
Inter colonial association of tax dissidents, puts the elites from different colonies in touch with one anotherCome together, oppose any efforts by Brits to regulate their economy
Means to make make social chains legitiamte11/21
Division of Poland with Austria and PrussiaBy Catherine from 1772-1795
Created by Ivan the Terrible 1533-1917
Rule by oneRuled by Tsar, nobles have far less power, Russian Orthodox Church was govt. agency
Resulted in freeing 6 prisonners, seize food/firearms/gunpowder, behead prisons governor1789--caused by food shortages
Thinly veiled criticism of absolutist government, compares French absolutism to 'Persian despotism'1721-Baron de Montesquieu
Investors pay annual fee for the privilege of taxing a specific locality at whatever rate they see fit--goes to highest bidderSqueeze as much out of locals as possible
A return to intellectual rigidity...a belief that there is objective, absolute knowledge in the universe1600-1700--a quest for certainty, absolutes, stability
Unpaid winter roadwork12/5
Urban laborers without silk knee breeechesPart of urban masses that support the Third Estate
RoyalistsSupporters of Charles 1 in English Civil War
Austrian born wife of Louis XIVHas affairs with several court insiders
Largest branch of Eastern Rite Christianity, government agencyArticulates idea that its spirituality was deeper than that of the west
Move by Louis XIV to quash dissent within his realm1685
Parliament disposes of James II, invites his sister Mary and William of Orange to become King1689
Formal beginning of revolution, American Republic1776
Surrender of the British1781--French troops and Navy arrive led by Lafayette
No colonists west of the Appalachians1763-Tough to enforce, colonial population explosion
Created under presidency of Bolivar1819
Secret police, paramilitary organiazation to eliminate enemiesCreated by Ivan the Terrible---hunt down Boyar class and confiscate land during 'Reign of Terror'
Increasingly global outlook, belief in the universality of human experiences; belief that universal laws governing human conduct could be created through intellectual inquiryCharacteristic of Enlightenment
Imposter that comes to Moscow and convinces people he is someone else---becomes TsarDefeated in 1606, brings on civil war for factions vying for crown
Major peasant rebellion inspired by the events at the NakazAttack provincial govt., military outposts, kills 1000s of landlords

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