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The right of former ruling families to regain positions they'd lost in Napoleonic WarsOne of Three Principles of Congress of Vienna
Those who seek western style social reformsLed by Pyotr Chaddavaey
Cotton boom leads to increase in thisUnfree Labor
Extends franchise to virtually all adult males1867
Ruling local notableassert increasing autonomy in their relationship with Istanbul
Laws should reflect the area's peculiarities, should be governed by VolkgeistIdea of Johann Gottfried Herder
Political reform era that produced the Bill of Rights for Ottomans1839-1876
Extends franchise...now 1 in 20 males can voteParliamentary Reforms
War between Russia and the Ottoman Empire over dispute over control of Holy Places in Jereusalem1853-6--GB and France do fighting for Ottoman in fear that Russia will become too powerful
Leader of the WesternersApology of a Madman--out backwardness is our advantage, we have a clean slate, can avoid pitfalls of western modernization
Workers plan to blow up parliamentary offices due to economic unrest caused by overproduction of textiles, iron1817--prices drop and 100,000s out of work---ratted out by informants and hanged
Left-center in National Assembly: merchants, want free unregulated tradeLed by Jacques-Pierre Brissot, want to bring freedom to other countries by foreign war
Believe Russians problems are the result of WesternersLed by Ivan Kireevsky
Louis XVI guillotined..guilty of crimes against the state at the Place de la ConcordeJan. 21, 1793
Awareness of one's relationship to the means of productionTrue for both bourgeois and proletariat, class is significant part of identity, especially for proletatianized worker
Put power in hands of employer, sets pace of work, rules for work. SurveillanceEconomic life becomes time oriented
Collect folk songs, transforms into high artTchaikovsky--example of romanticism focusing on the individual
Prussia, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Great BritainTried to stop Napoleon, defeated by French land empire in 1805-7
Limits right to public assembly for commoners, bans seditious literature and makes government free to search in homes for arms/explosives1819--Parliament restricts civil liberties to due profound distrust of lower classes
How to solve the deep crises set in motion by 19th century rationalis dreams of progress that turn into monsters: radical revolution, liberalism, industrial capitalismTurn in the arts to feeling, melancholy, nostalgia, against rationalism
60,000 workers protest Six Acts and their lack of representation---local militia kill 15, injure 7001819--St. Peter's field, Outside of Manchester
Sale of Federal lands to private concerns1817
Revolutionary leader/man of the people, was deemed an enemy of the state for leading promiscuous lifestyleOpposed Robespierre, who was obsessed with ideological purity---guillotined in 1974
Based on mutuality: reciprocal exhange...economic changes have thrown this out of wackPut machines on trail--sentence looms/wide frames to death
Coordinator of Congress of Vienna meetingsAustrian foreign minister
No one nation strong enough to impose its will on the otehrOne of Three Principles of Congress of Vienna
Organized(guilds, mutual aid societies), educated, skilled pride in their skillsCrafstman get 'deskilled', bottom falls out of their economic world
Egyptian leader who asserted his political independence from Istanbul, seeks to drag Egypt into modern era1805-1848, Builds westernized style army, roads, canals; modern infrastructure--major exporter of cotton
Civilizing mission: spreading the reason, logic, liberty, equalityUnify nation, dehumanize enemy, create common sacrifice
Leopold of Austria, Freidrich Wilhelm of Prussia threaten to intervene in France to protect King8/27/1791--Pressure from Great Britain, Russia; fear of foreign invasion
Allow assemblage of workers to form unions; political groups1824-5--Parliamentary Reforms
10,000 of primarily Yankee women go to mills of southern New England beginning in 1830sStrict discipline, surveillance in factories, 14 hour workdays
France to reimburse other nations for loss of lives, loss of wealth they causedOne of Three Principles of Congress of Vienna
Wanted a set of workers that responded as fingers on his two thumbs; created factories for his workers as way of ensuring industrial discipline1800--Pottery Baron
Economic independence as a social goodYour success as a laborer should be based on skill and you measure a worker's ability by whether or not they earn a competence
The time period in which Napoleon comes back to power after being defeated by allied forces of EuropeEventually defeated at Waterloo, exiled to St. Helena
Non slave holding, small independent land owning family farmerLeave them to their own devices and they will flourish: Salutatory Neglet
Based in cities in which merchants, free traders were powerfulBourdreaux, Marseilles, Lyon---Opposed to Parisan centered, radical revolution
English born father of the American Factory SystemFinancier and industrialist behind the Slater Millin Pawtucket, 1793
Homesickness...we have lost something of value from the pastRomanticism
Peasants legally bound to the land, privately owned by LandlordsHalf of peasants
Real wages always tend towards the minimum wage necessary to sustain the life of the workerDavid Ricardo/Thomas Malthus--in competitive market, provide workers with as little as possible--pay them more and they have more kids
Prime Minister, worked with Alexander I on constitution that adopted western ideas to a Russian contextJune 1812: completed, plan to release it
Social Contract 'Atomistic Individuals', Notion of 'Inalienable Rights, General WillHobbes, Locke, Rousseau
British Admiral, destroyed French Fleet at Aboukir Bay and stranded Napoleon's Army1798--Battle of the Nile
First modern world's war--halls of machines that show off Britains industrial might1851-5 million visitors in 6 months--eventually surpasses by Germany/US in 1900
A military draft300,000 Frenchmen to fight for freedom against enemies of revolution
Meeting of Allied leaders following Napoleon's defeat to construct Post-Napoleonic Europe1815--want to reestablish the old order: monarchies, balance of power
Grants French Catholic's freedom of worship, Vatican recognized French Clergy status as civil servants1801--With the Vatican
Attempted to reform Ottoman military, gets killed by Janissaries1789-1808
Romantic individualism, heroic and lonely figure, looking into the abyss, chaos mystery in the universeWandered Above the Sea of Fog
Executed for promiscuity****
Supporters of the ChurchDomestic Counter Revolutionary Force
Left Wing, seek out more equitable distribution of wealth, want centralized state powerLed by Robespierre--max bread price
Social movement of textile artisans who protestes against the mechanization/deskilling if their jobs by destroying machines1811-1813, General Ludd of Notthinhamshire, covert action
Notre Dame Cathedral, 20th of BrumaireProstitute as Goddess of Reason, to pollute cathedral, take role of Virgin Mary
Domestic guerilla war in the West of France against various opponents of regimeAgainst Royalist militias, peasants, terror by French state against peasnts, nuns, priests
Rule by OnePart of Russian empire, run by Tsar(divine right ruler)
Napoleon conquered this country from Ottomons in 1799, occupries much of 'The Levant'French archaelogists find Rosetta Stone, decipher hieroglyphics
Leader of the Jacobins, believes France needs to deal with domestic C-Rs before getting involved abroadDuster
Primarily done by female laborers--continuity of artisanal labor1750-1850--done in rural areas, factory system dominates late 19th century
Guaranteed justice to all with respect to life, honor and property including non-muslimsRoyal Decree of 1856
Codifies liberal rights into law, includes private property rights and equality before the law for all men1/27
Skilled artisans in traditional workshopsFear of proletarianization, loss of economic independece as unfree labor
Counter challenges of modernity by attempting to incorporate the rationalist tradition of western civilization1838-1897---open Islam to new technology, new social arrangements, new conceptions of individual rights
Small executive committe with emergency powersLed by Robespierre, created by National Assembly in April 1973
The guillontining of 14 Carmelite Nuns that turned public against RobespierreJuly 17, 1794
Assassinated in his bath by Charlotte Corday, leads to further purge of GirondinsRadical Leader/Journalist--1793
Leader of the Slavophiles, believed Russia was tainted by western influence and the problem of classicism leades to individualism and a reliance on the lawThe Nineteenth Century
Murdered MaratGirondist
Group of reformists bureaucrats, appropriate western ideas and institutions...effort to move towards Constitutional MonarchyEventually create new constitution when the sultan approves
The soul of the peopleAccessed by German nationalism as romanticsim
Most dangerous threat to Revolution GovernmentWestern France--Religious, want to be left alone---tried to manage their production/prices
Sultan, initially approves of young ottomans new constitution but eventually got tired of its impositions1876-1909--Dissolves legislature and had its leading figures sent to jail or executed
Secret PoliceArrest the men at the decembrist revolt, beat name of co-conspirators out of them
a product of capitalist transformation that insures industrial discipline and locks workers into workplace
Resettled Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw west of Mississippi1830
Lure business to your state/county/municipality through public subsidies or free land or tax abatementsProduct of local control in American Politics

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