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Forced Order
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DefinitionTermLecture Date
Silk Road Trading center, cultural centerUNESCO world heritage sith for its beautiful mosques, madrassas (Uzbekistan)
AlmsgivingFive Pillars of Islam
Organic social order built around mutual obligations and privilegesEnglish Constitution, Frech Estates, Continuity is good, change is bad
Government as responsive to citizensCharacterized by bureaucratic administration, suveillance, protection of private property
Habeas Corpus, prohibition of tortureTrial by jury, rule of law
Crossed by Hunter gatherers to get into the Americas12,000-5,000 BC
Social order built upon notions of a chainGod, Angels, People, Animals, Plants, Precious Metals, Inanimate Objects
Age where Indians spread out across the North and South American land mass8000-2500 BC, develop more complex weapons and villages, stone arrows
100% chance of death, incubation of 2 days9/14
A world of books, numbers, accounting, abstractionCreation of a world beyond the immediate and loval, a cosmopolitan world of ideas
The idea of republican governance built around notions of mutual obligations and neighborliness9/16
As basis of knowledge for everyone in societyTestimony, English common law based on oral culture
Imperial Center of the AztecsBuilt on land filled marsh
Those Who PrayClergy, bishops
Prayer Five Times a DayFive Pillars of Islam
Formality, the business of our society conducted through organizations, rule bound entitiesschools, hospitals, corporations
Network of interlinking trade routes across Eurasia which connected China, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Persian Gulf, Northern Africa, and Eastern Europe9/19
Period of development of agriculture, become agrarian societies, develop urban trading centersAfter 2500 BC: Mammals not domesticated, domestication of plant life: potatoes, squash, beans...
Those Who FightKnights, Nobility
Those Who WorkPeasantry, Laborers, 98%
Fasting under lunar month of RamadanFive Pillars of Islam
moderns live in an increasingly interconnected worldNot new..ongoing process
DefinitionTermLecture Date
subsistence wood products:firewood, wood for building/repair of homesThe Charter of the Forest let peasants retain their privilige to wood gatherings
The Idea that products, including basic human necessities, had a fluctuating market value, one that would rise if the product was in scarce supplyCame from the emerging capitalist morality
Art from the mid 14th centurydepicting Christ in crude human form, suffering deathMarked end of confident, optimistic, rational 'high middle ages'
A pious endowment, charitable donation to found a school/hospital9/26
fermented, caffeinated mare’s milkHigh in protein, can be dried, transported
Most popular form of sculpture in 13th/14th centurySemi-circular/triangular, typically in church with Jesus/Mary in the middle
when a patterned system that gives meaning and predictable order ENCOUNTERS CHAOS and loses its capacity for order, meaning, and predictability.9/14
the stabilizing effects of Mongol conquest/rule on the social, cultural and economic lives of people in the vast Eurasian territory they controlled in the 13th and 14th centuries9/19
refers to the belief that the individual is the center of all value and meaning. A belief in “individual rights” as opposed to duties or obligations owed to any of the aforementioned alternative centers of value and meaning.
 On specific beliefs about the nature of God and his relationship with man…Christianity’s great issues built around beliefThe Focus of Christianity
To remove a piece of land from royal jurisdictionRetained traditional land usage liberties and privileges for commoners
Profession of Faith, there is no God but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of GodFive Pillars of Islam
the interaction and coming together of people from different parts of the globe1000-present, slowly but surely
Pilgrimage to MeccaFive Pillars of Islam
The way, Islamic Law9/21
A nation of citizens, endowed with rightsIndividuals, rational self maximizers, atomistic social order, individual trumps all
There is no essential connection between a thing and the name we give it..its name/meaning is not inherent…we as people artificially decide what the things we encounter in the wo• Things do not have eternal essences, we name them, we give them meaning
We do not invent, create or choose what we are, we are an unchaning essenceYour identity is fixed and unchangeable, you have a specific social , political, and spiritual role in the Universe
Warrior Play..Ends in Human sacrifciemix between wrestling and racquetball
Arabic for 'coasters' as ethnic/linguistic background of people9/26
A world of technology, machine production: increase economic efficiencytechnological transformation
Located in West Africa, the greatest trading center9/26
DefinitionTermLecture Date
Culture filled with farmers and hunter gatherers9/26
Commodities, consumer products produced in small numbers by craftsmanEconomic life is task oriented, collective ownership of tools, create whole product, wage scale
60% chance of death, incubation of 6 daysSwelling lymph nodes
The first 'world religion'9/19
System in which intelligent and strong boys from conquered territories are recruited to be civil servants and elite soldiersSlaves as social elite, directly loyal to Sultan
Social Interaction as predominately interpersonal, face to faceYou know most people with whom you interact, stragers are feared
Emphasis on personal conduct, the specifics of how you act in the worldThe Focus of Islam
society and culture focused on local communities Most people never go more than 5 miles from home
Capital city of the Incas, shaped in the design of a puma, a sacred animalModern day Peru
Small swift boats with triangular sails which they could shift in response to the changing winds of the Indian OceanUsed to Conduct Trade
Government based on loyalty to heriditary rulers..by subjects9/9
portable, wood lattice dwelling…RV for the SteppeMade it possible for entire population to travel
Most people are farmers, substitence, local markets9/9
Permanent hereditary representatives of different trial groupsGrand council had 50 of them
Network of customary privileges and practices on common landSpecific peasants had customary privileges to specific arable farmland, land for grazing livestock, and mowing meadows
Dance of death appearing in the late 14th centuryDoesn't matter how high or low socially you are,the plague will destroy you
agreement between King John and the nobility to enshrine into law specific liberties/privileges(political and economic) for specific people in England1215-explicitly states no freeman could be punished except through the laws of the land
Man’s law is just when it is in keeping with the rational order for the universe constructed by God9/14
The Collected, recorded, confirmed wisdom/saying of the prophet9/21
Nature keeps people in their place, everything is interconnected and has its proper palceYou are where you are because of your blood
Rite of the commodity form(consumer products take on a market value...a priceprivate ownership of tools, division of labor, economic life is time oriented
turning common land into fully private ownership/use…a privilege for the nobility enshrined into law by Magna CartaTransformation of commonly held land into a commodity: a product with mkt value determined by price

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