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Forced Order
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Naval Societys go on strike, Trotsky/Red Army attack them, take no prisoners1921--death knell of independent Soviets, USSR becomes authoritarian state
Occupation of Germany, demilitarize Germany
Nicknamed the Stormtroopers, a Nazi Para-Military Org. Most ruthless, powerful poly gang in Germany--uniforms, ranks discipline
Propoganda--construct clear, consise, easily understandable messageMake use of tech: film, papers, planes, railroads, radio
Armed communist opposition to Diem regime in South Vietnam(National Liberation Front)Founded in 1959--guerilla war against South Viet. govt.
Stalin's countryside policy that stated that peasant communes transformed into Collective farms managed by CP officialsMust plant particular crops to meet state quoatas, millions of peasants go to work in new industrial cities
Ernst Rohm and SA leadership purged and executed1934
60k Black shirts come from across Italy(gather in Rome) and declare themselves to be legit. govt. of ItalyLed by Mussolini: Fascists take power in coup d'etat
Nationalist party
Party ideologist, pragmatic schemer, idea man and Lenin's right hand man
Class of entrepreneurial farmers created by NEP in the countryside
Tanks that guide infantry
Gives pres power/discretion to engage in military ops without declaring warNear unanimous support in Congress for US intervention
Nationalist organization that began a guerilla war against Japanese invaders of colonyHo Chi Minh
Where the Vietminh defeat the French on May 1954, France surrenders
Gets the Bolsheviks out of war with GermanySurrender Poland, Baltic States. Bolsheviks become enemies allies forces
Battle of Republic of Freedom. Planned parenthood advocate
US supplies blockaded Berliners in western zones1948-1949
Leader of Vietminh
US Navy destroys the final remnants of the Japanese fleet-October 1944--ends Japs Imperial Aspirations
Language based in Hindi that Jinnah tried to enforce as its national language
Played 'How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down on the Farm(After they seen Paree)'Jazz
Gave govt. right to suspend any publication which insulted the Church, Govt. or Duce himselfPart of Fascism in Italy
American general that leads Occupied Japan
Street gang/paramilitary organization out of hardened WWI vets formed by Mussolini'Italian Combat League'--Beat up Socialists, Communists, opposing street gangs
Agreement recognized DVRs independence within French Union1946-Split Vietnam at 16th parallel
Hindu majority leader of Indian national CongressWants modern, secular INdia
100,000 civilians killed in one night by firebombing
India seizes Hyderabad and Kashmir from Pakistan1948--both leaders had muslim rulers but large Hindu pops
Group designated with the task of investigating threats to peace and oblige members to take action5 permanent members each with power of veto
Leader of communists that Chiang Kai-Shek forces out of Shanghai
Night of Broken Glass' Turns loose thugs on Jewish communities1938--arson, looting, violence, 20,000 jews sent to conc. camps
American uses carriers to get close enough to bomb TokyoApril 1942
Contemporary City, example of modernism1922
The It girlFlappers
Leads founding of Modern Chinese State, wants to bring Western-Style, Constituional govt. to CHinaHead of GMD, overthrown in 1912 by local warlords
Exchange of Sudetenland for 'peace in our times'Sept. 1938--Between British PM Chamberlain and Western Powers
When public institutions engaging in behavior modification, micro-management/surveillance of the practice of everyday lifeCharacteristic of modern institutions
Wrote book 'Mein Kampf'Nazi leader
Marketed Flappers to American WomenNephew of Freud, WW1 Propoganda minister, 'Make the World safe for Democracy'
Extensive network of fortifications in No. France to prevent another Schliefen PlanProtects from Germans--France fighting WW1 in WW2
Vietminh wage Guerilla war against French1946-1954--Minh aided by CHina, USSR
Signed in August 1939 after Hitler invades CzechAgree to partition in Polnad
Gave emergency powers to Hitler: Nazis take control, purge commies, imprison/execute themMarch 1933
Slogan of Stalin. Picked unanimously by Central party of Commies as leader of USSR--1927
Muslim minority leader, Wants seperate Islamic state
transformed to mobile killing units(primarily Jews) on Russian front1941
Comes to power after MaoStill authoritarian but mutes state brutality, welcomes foreign capital
Formed to support democratically elected Socialist govt. in SpainFormed by USSR and leftists in West

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