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Forced Order
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Political organizations interested in peasant agrarain reformIn Russia, most were radicals
Spiritualism Trend, associated with cultural movement of decadence, anything about spirituality they thought was great at this timeNone
Leader of BolsheviksNo chance
Ends the gag ruleCalifornia comes in as free state, includes the fugitive state law
Union general that defeats Lee in war of atrition in Northern VirginiaElected president in 1868, supports Radical republics agenda
Wide avenues through the center of the city built during redevelopment of ParisDisplaces 100,000s of poor people who move to the suburbs
Resulted in complete legalization of opium trade1856-1860--Another humiliating defeat for China at Hands of British, Russia, France, US
Japan seizes Korea, powerful modern Japanese army overwhelms Chinese forcesJapan goes on to seize imperial control over Taiwan
Bombs Francis Ferdinand and his wife to deathNone
Critics of Imperial crushed at polls, anti imperialists take control of LIberal party1900--Conservatives run on a pro imperialism and win in a landslide
Japan seizes Manchuria from Russians, Russia land and naval forces destroyedHumiliating defeat, leads to rebellion in Russia
Good birth encourage the right kind of people to have children, discourage/prevent those unfit to have children from having themPro Natalist Public policies: France--forced sterilization
Hidden psychological depths(beneath surface, terryfying inner emotions waiting to be unleauhsed)Inner emotion, deep hidden unknowable interior, angst and turbulence
Manages municipal redevelopment of ParisProblem: narrow dirty streets, difficult to navigate, dangerous neighborhood, facilitate(throwing up the barricades'
Chinese officials wish to stop the outflow of silver from China, and an influx of opium brought by British traders and Central Asia1839-1842, Humiliating defeat for China by British
British imperial rule on outgrowth of increasing political/economic power of British East India Company(monopoly on tea)By 1833, functioned as government of India
Bellicose popular nationalism. Pride in nations imperialistic conquests, as source of national prestige. Broad public support for conquest; colonial conflicts as grand drama in newspapers
4. 5 million square miles worldwideFrom Cairo to the Cape, sun never sets on the british empire
Cultural responses to an age of degeneration: a passion for the unseen, evoke feeling, the supernatural, hallucinations: poetry, paintingEmbraced narcotic enhancementsL hallucinations, drugs
President after Lincoln is assassinatedPushes through 10% plan, Ratification of 13th amendment: ends slavery, opposes land redistribution
Small british force wipes out 23,000 Dervishes in less that an hour with Maxim Gun(1st machine gun)1898-Sudan
Developed the germ theory in 1870s; immunization against disease, basic sanitary practicesNone
State legislature, nicholas agrees to create thisInitial optimism wanes when only 5% of Russian adult males allowed to participate
Belief in the centrality of racial and class hierarchy to mans natural process of evolutionBuilt around idea of social progress, appropriate language of Darwinian evolution
Demand immediate end to serfdom, the redistribution of all feudal lands to the serfs and the formation of a democratic socialsit form of gov. in RussiaNone
Responds to demands of social elites who want civil service reform1885--Ganghi trasnforms it into a mass movement
English scientist that creates a carbolic acid for cleaningAnti septic practice, anesthesia begins to be used on patients
Drug-The elixir of the GodsNone
Chief Justice in the Dred Scott case-end of free vs salve states, basically all slave staesDidnt think founding fathers regarded blacks as capable of achieving citizenship
Heir to the Austro-Hungarian thonre assassinated on June 28th, 1914 in Sarajevo, BosniaSerbian nationalists planned to kill him on his visit
Smaller scale in Africa-1 million square milesNone
Republican Rutherford Hayes gets to be president on condition that Reconstruction endsSouthern states impose system of segregation which persists for a century, northerners have lost interest in reconstruction
Congo was his privately owned colony, big on rubber harvestingRH: brutal conditions/treatment of laborers draws European intervention
Describes as a black massJK Huysmans-1891
Destroys Peoples will, domestic war against militant radicals1881-1894
Three motivations for ImperialismNone
System from 1815 Congress of Vienna that had kept the great powers in checkNone
Created by Bismarck to work on behalf of the massesMedical insurance, old age pensions, unemployment insurance, workmans comp
Minority: democratic socialism through the political process, organize urban laborers, through constitutional means bring about SocialsmMinority
Sepent entwined around Virgin MAry1890- Odilon Redom
Majority: The Revolutionary wing, no time to wait for history to play out, must violently overthrow Tsarist govt. and install socialsimMajority
Wilhelm II abdicates, German general take over and surrender to Allies11/11/18, Germany is being starved out with blockade
Unsentimental view of politics characterized by a focus on tangible 'national interests' rather than broader moral concerns or delusions of grandeurIdea of Otto Von Bismarck, Realistic politics
Russia unconditionally surrender Eastern European territtory to GermanySigned by lenin(new leader) to get out of war
Northerners must participate in helping return runaway slaves to their slave ownersSecond part of the compromise of 1850
Cultural movement that celebrates degeneration, sickness, the occultAgainst bourgeois ideals of hygiene, rationality, progess, science, spiritualism. satanism
Civil engineer commissioned by City of Worcester to build a pseudo Central park for WorcesterNone
Young Turks combine sense of Turkish nationalism and western influenceRegard non-Turkic people as potential enemies(large numbers of Christians Jews)
The suburbs, new impoverished slums right outside of ParisWealthy live in city, poor in suburbds(Opposite of US)
2.6 million square miles, much of it it is Sahara Desert, holding land for prestigeNone
The idea that all we know is through our sensesnone
Secret terrorist group, serbian nationalistGavrilo Princip is part of it, assassinate Franz
Painted the ScreamNone
Rule China since 1644, slow to grasp threat of WestChina's economy stagnant, corruption rampant, revenues small, inadequate leadership, intense drug abuse.
Beat unconscious by Preston Brooks1856
Symbolist painting1876-Gustave Moreau
Emancipated Russian serfs in an effort to please everyone, however ended up upsetting all social groups1861
Between visibile things and invisible meaningCharles Baudelaire--visible things are symbols of invisible, rejection of empiricsm
Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and ItalyNone
Organization within Land and liberty, worlds first modern terrorist organizationAssasinate 100s of govt. officials, state employees in 1870-1880s, kill Tsar Alexander II with gas bomb
People displaced from stable rural communities with safeguards of religion/family/agrarian work--coming to cities without forces of conscious underguarding themThey are capable of crime, debauchery, radical politics, fear of masses, people corrupted by city
How do social elites respond to the dire conditions in which most of the working class lived and labored in the new world of urban industrial capitalismHow do social elites in 19th century citites respond to all that capitalism, industrialization, and urbanization from laboring classes
'March to the Sea' brings 'Total War' to Georgia--burned everything1865
Incompetent son of Alexander II, tries to assert increaing political control Defender of Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe vs A-H empire, very anti-semitic
Local warlords that dominate Japan domesticallyMost powerful one the Shogun
Opens new ports to trade, allows/opium silver trade to continue/ grants Britsih special trading status in China1842 First of the unequal treaties
German ruler that expressed his support and provides not so covert aid to the Afrikaners in 1899-1902 Boer War against Great BritainNone
A morning in which more than 60,000 British men are killled by a handful of German machine gun nestsJuly 1916, 100,000 also wounded
A sense of superiority, extension of French idea of civilizing mission to give indigenous people access to western culture--invest heavily in schoolCivilizing mission---'Kipling's 'White mans burden' informing Anglo-American imperial conquest
Legal challenge to the Fugitive State Law1857--ruled by Supreme Court that said property owners do not end when they cross state lines with property regardless of states laws on slavery
Alliance between GB, France and RussiaNone
Formal organizations that aided runaway slaves organized in most northern cities in late 1830sFree blacks and white reformers created informal network that becomes 'underground railroad'
Cant discuss slavery in congress in order to avoid violence on House Flooe1836
Many middle class women got it because their husbands went to prostitutes in large numbers'Public Women'
Set up by Bismarck, carves up Africa among European powers by looking at map, no consideration for local populations188405, creates many of modern Africa's problems
Confederate generalBoss
Leader of Japanmost powerful daimyos
Iron clad battleships with powerful cannons used in Naval rilvalry between GB and GermanyNone
Belief that all new territories should be free states without slaveryPlatform of Lincoln's campaign, supported by abolitionists, got Lincoln 40% of popular vote
British liner sunk by German U-Boats in 1915, Kills 139 Americans
Women going crazy, taking to their beds for long periods of time because they have nothing to doInfantalization of Women
South carolina congressman that beats Mass congressman Charles Sumner unconscious after he delivers abolitionist speech on House flooe1856
Support BismarckAristocrats in Prussia and Germany
Increasing pessimism about the worldHollowness of progress, fear of the masses as degenerates, fear that bourgeois life is morally vacuous
Line drawn across the country that separates the slave states from the free ones1820--36'30' parallel north, Illinois was free, Mizzou was slave
Driving force in the creation of a powerful German state, both militrily and diplomaticallyFather of realpolitik
Indentured labor trade from China to Americas, payment in silver to Britain and France, annexation of some land by RussiaResult of Second opium war, got China dominated politcallly

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