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Detailed study of a job to identify the skills required so that an appropriate training program may be instituted
Unintentional disparity between the proportion of a protected group applying for a position and the proportion getting the job
Act requiring employers to make reasonable accomodations for disabled employeesUnless doing so imposes undue hardship on business
Presents the manager with desktop graphs and charts, so he or she gets a computerized picture of where the company stands on all those metrics
Special collaborating software used to enable multiple remote learners to participate and learns
List of job's duties, responsibilities , reporting relationships, working conditions and supervisory responsibilitiesProduct of job analysis
Company based facility for exposing current or prospective managers to exercises to develop improves mgmt skills
Procedure designed to solicit information from a person's oral responses to oral inquiriesInstrument
Type of validity based on showing that scores on the test(predictors) are related to job performance(criterion)
Form of harassment that appears motivated by hostility toward individuals who violate gender ideals
Justification for an otherwise discriminatory employment practice, providing that there is an overriding legitimate business purposeDoesnt include avoiding inconvenience or expense, must be essential to companys goals as well as safety and efficiency
Experience worker or supervisor trains employee on the job
Training technique that involves moving a trainee from department to department to broaden his experience, identify strenghts and weaknesses
Identifies how to build and strengthen the business' long term competitive position in the marketplace
List of job's human requirements, the requisite education, skills, personality and so onProduct of job analysis
Making an extra effort to hire and promote those in protected groups, particularly when the groups are underrepresented
Facility in which management candidates are asked to make decisions in hypothetical situations and are scored on their performanceIn basket, leaderless group discussion, individual presentations---used for selection, promotion, development
Act prohibiting arbitrary age discrimination and specifically protecting individuals over 40 years oldEnding most mandatory retirement
Manual of computerized records listing employees' education, career and development interests, languages, special skills, and so on to identify for possible promoos
Training technique by which a management trainees are allowed to work full time analyzing and solving problems in other department
The act requiring certain federal contractors to take affirmative action for disabled personsSteps must be taken to accomodate a disabled worker unless this imposes an undue harship on the employer
Accuracy with which a test, interview and so on measures what it purports to measure or fulfills the function it was designed to fill
Identifies the sorts of businesses that will comprise the company and the ways in which these businesses relate to each other
Process for assigning non/financial goals to the HR management related chain of activities required for achieving the company's strategic aims and for monitoring results
Any factor that allow an organization to differentiate its product or service from those of its competitors to increase market shareAchieved with cost leadership, differentiation and focusers
Formulating and executing human resource policies and practices that produce the employee competencies and behaviors the company needs to achieve its strategic aim
End to end process of planning, recruiting, developing, managing, and compensating employees throughout the organization
Requirment that an employee be of a certain religion, sex or national origin that is necessary to orgs. operation
Test in which the test contains a fair sample of the tasks and skills actually needed for the job in question
Form of managment training in which the trainees learn such skills such as openness and creativity by playing games that require that they improvise answers and solutions
Form that provides information on education, prior work record, skillsSubstansive, career progress, stability
Process of identifying and executing the organization's mission by matching its capabilities with the demands of its environment
Process of formulating plans to fills employers future needsBased on projecting open positions and deciding to hire internally or externally
Training technique in which trainees are first shown good mgmt techniques in a video, then asked to play roles in a situation, then given feedback
Trainees use a computer based system to interactively increase their knowledge/skills
The process of teaching new employees that basic skills they need to perform their jobs
Having local employees abroad to do jobs that the firm's domestic employees previously did in houseHR managers can play a strategic planning and execution role
Prohibits sex discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditionsTreated like a disibility
Characteristic that refers to the consistency of scores obtained by the same person when retested witht eh identical or equivalent test
Manager formulated specific strategies to take the company from where it is now to where he or she wants it to be
Study of a firm's past employment needs over a period of years to predict future needs
Posting notices of job openings on company bulletin boards as a recruiting methodFacilitates transfer and promotion of inside candidates
Company's plan for how it will match its internal strength and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a comp. advantage
Procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it
Development technique in which teams of managers compete by making computerized decisions realisitc but simulated situations
Hiring workers with criminal records or other such problems without proper safeguardsForces employers to make effort to get relevant info about applicant
Overall impact of employer practices that result in significantly higher percentages of members of minorities being rejected for employmnet/placement/promotion
Company records showing present performance and promotability of inside candidates for the firm's most important positions
Provide employees with continuing learning experiences over their tenure, aim to keep knowledge to do jobs effectively
Series of job relevant questions with predetermined answers that interviewers ask all applicants
Method in which trainees learn on the actual or simulated equipment they would use on job
Spells out who the company is, what it does and where its headed
Educating, instructing, and training subordinatesDone a lot with on-the-job training
Act that places burden of proof back on employers and permits compensatory and punitive damagesRolled back the clock to where it stood before the 1980s decision, placed even more responsibility on employers
Intentional disparity between the proportion of a protected group and the proportion getting the job
Harassement on the basis of sex that has the purpose/effect of interfering with a persons work or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive env.
The commission, empowered to investigate job discrimination complaints and sue on behalf of complainantsGreatly enhanced ability to enforce equal employment laws
Online systems that help employers attract, gather, screen, compile and manage applicationsShould compare recruiting sources
Any attempt to improve current or future mgmt performance by imparing knowledge, changing attitudes or increasing skills
States that an employer cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color, relgion, sex or national origin with respect to employmentEstablished the EEOC
Verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining whether the deficiency should be rectified through training or other menas
Forecasting technique involving analyzing and extrapolating the ratio of a dependent variable(salesperson required) with an independent variable(sales)Ex. Salesperson generates 500,000 in sales, need 6 of them to make 3 million
Persons such as minorities and women protected by equal opportunity laws, including Title VII
Procedure for providing new employees with basic background info about the firm
General statement of the company's intended direction that evokes emotional feelings in orgazational members
Process for assigning non/financial goals to the chain of activities required for achieving the company's strategic aims and for continuosly monitoring results
Graphic model that consolidates, usually in one diagram, a precise overview of the competencies someone would need to do jobHelps determine training needs

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