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Using IT to better leverage existing organizational advantages.
Those things that make it difficult for a new company to compete against companies already established in the field
Used by companies to avoid the 'commodity trap'
The value of a network is equal to the square of the number of users.
A firm that focuses on a specific product, service, or business model.
The concept that the loss of old jobs will lead to the creation of new jobs.
The cost a consumer would incur from moving from one product to another
Handheld computing devices meant largely for mobile use outside an office setting.
A set of databases designed to support decision making in an organization.
The recruiting of a network of users to engage in click fraud with the goal of spreading IP addresses across several systems and make a fraud effort more difficult to detect.
When materials are scheduled to arrive exactly when they are needed in the production process.
Relationships and interactions between two nodes.
The approach where a firm seeks to create and compete in uncontested “blue ocean” market spaces, rather than competing in spaces or ways that have many, similar rivals.
A market that derives most of its values from a single class of users.
A part of a business that cannot be easily copied by competitors.
Systems that provide rewards and usage incentives, typically in exchange for a method that provides a more detailed tracking and recording of customer activity
A software robot that is run automatically on a computer
Refers to Internet Services that foster collaboration and info sharing and foster social media
Describes the effect that occurs when a small shift in demand gets amplified throughout the supply chain.
Generating bogus clicks, either for financial gain, or to attack rivals by draining their online ad budget. Includes enriching, depleting, disbarring, and impression. Enriching is
A kind of internet security device that is used to filter out automated computers that wish to send out spam, malware, and viruses.
Product or service becomes more vaulable the more people that use them.
Using IT to make data, information, or knowledge available at multiple levels of the organization.
Claims that a group makes better decisions than any one individual in that group. Consists of more information and unbiased noise, diversity of opinions, independence of group memb
Process in which a tester takes a brand new computer, plugs it into the internet, and watches what happens next. The purpose of this is to see how long it takes until outsiders try
Transaction processing systems that capture customer purchases
Using IT to make new markets to work in and sell your products to.
The means by which a firm manages to keep making a profit and keep its position among competitors.
The act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent and outsourcing it to an undefined group of large people.
Processing power per dollar doubles every 18 months.
The number of actual ties compared to the number of possible ties. There are two types:High and Low
A controversial practice used by companies, such as Netflix, that involves slowing down turn around times to less valuable customers, in order to save money.
Allows common people to interact with and access technology by making computers simpler. Uses pictures and symbols rather than codes
Technology that monitors trends among customers and uses this to personalize an individual consumer's experience.
Method for organizing tweets where keywords are preceded by the # character.
The present value of the likely future income stream generated by an individual purchaser.
Content that is created, shared and commented on by a broader community of users
When a single firms owns several layers in its value chain.
These are hordes of surreptitously infiltrated computers, linked and controlled remotely. This technique is used to perpetrate click fraud, as well as a variety of other security c
When a company wants to sell its product through two different channels that are in competition.
Refers to where the node is situated in relation to all of the ties in the network. Associated with benefits such as power, promotions, and influence.
The process of using computers to identify hidden patterns within large data sets and then build models from these patterns.
Claims you are as central as your friends
Online journal entries usually made in chronological order that typically provide comment mechanisms where users can provide feedback
The process by which the intruders find the weakness of systems and abuse them. The cycle includes: advanced intruders discovering vulnerabilities, crud exploit tools distributed,
A determinant of ad placement by which firms pay money to a host each time somebody clicks on a link to their pages.
An update on an individual's activities that are broadcast to a member's contacts or 'friends.'
Refers to a firm that uses its resources, staff and services to fund the production of a good or service without outsourcing to another company.
Outsourcing production to third-party firms.
Keyword Based classification system created by user communities as they generate and review content,
A type of sealed-bid auction, where bidders submit written bids without knowing the bid of the other people in the auction. The highest bidder wins, but the price paid is the secon
A tactic used by intruders to make a computer resource unavailable to the normal user(s) for a period of time, which can be short, or indefinite. This attack is used on web servers
Refers to when a firm takes a part of its business and gives that part to another company, even though that service could be provided in-house.
Hiring an external company to come in to an existing firm and perform some business process.
How often and how well two nodes relate to one another. There are two types: Weak(better for finding jobs) and Strong(better for trust)
Using IT to conduct routine activities.
Refers to the part of the value chain that sets the company apart from its competitors. It is the main focus of the company and should never be outsourced.
Online Community that allow users to establish a personal profile and communicate with others
4 characteristics a company needs in order to develop a sustainable competitive advantage: 1. Valuable 2. Rare 3. Inimitable. 4. Non-substitutable.
Hardware that silently and undetectably captures key strokes
Occurs when a firm is being taken over by, or merged with, another firm which is in the same industry and in the same stage of production as the merged firm
The transfer of service operations to foreign countries in order to take advantage of a supply of skilled but relatively cheap labor. Services may be outsourced to a foreign compan
Describes process of expectations and views towards a new technology or product. Involves inflated expectation, trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightenment and plateau of pro
Using a relatively simple technology that is available to other competing firms in a smart and effective way, giving you an advantage.
Short, ayncronous messaging system where users send messages to followers. Typically much shorter than blogs
Goods which are perceived all alike by consumers
A business model that focuses on shifting revenue streams and spending for a certain service such as retail, advertising, music, etc. from one place/model to another place/model
A mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group. It can occur when the following are present: directive leadership, homogeneity of mem
An entity in a network
The period of time between an outlay of cash for part and the collection of payments for good made from them.
When rival company's watch a pioneer's efforts, learn from their success and missteps, then enter the market quickly with a superior or comparable product at a lower cost before th
The process of cutting out the middle man in a company that is buying or selling products.
The set of interrelated activities that bring a product or service to market. It consists of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service.
The phenomenon whereby firms can make money by selling a near-limitless selection of less-popular products.
An infiltration technique used by hackers that typically involve con games that trick employees into revealing information or performing other tasks that may compromise the firm.
Symbolic embodiment of all information connected with a product or service
When users collaboratively work to create content and provide services online.

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