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Federal Law that makes it a felony to influence decisions makers in other countries for the purpose of obtaining business(contracts for sales or service)
Negligence of the plaintiff that contributed to injury and at common law bars recovery from the defendant although the defendant may have been more negligent that the plaintiff
Constitutional right to be heard, question witnesses and present evidence
Qualifying underlying offense for RICO liability
Clause whereby any privilige subsequently granted to a third countryin relation to a given treaty subject is extented to the other party to the treaty.
Federal reforms passed as a result of the collapses of companies such as Enron, provides for longer sentences and higher fines for both executives and companies
Criminal offense that is punishable by at least one year in prison or that is expressly stated by statute to be a felony
False statements made about a product or business
Guarantees a speedy trial
Right of a storeowner to detain a suspected shoplifter based on reasonable cause and for a reasonable time without resulting liability for false imprisonment
Provides that proposed administrative regulation be published in the Federal Register
Direct sale to customers in foreign countries
Involves granting permission to use a trademark, trade name or copyright under specified conditions
Informal settlements of enforcement actions brought by agencies
Federal govt. requires most meeting of major administrative agencies be open to the public
Privacy protection in the U.S. constitution that prohibits unautrhorized searches and seizures
Criminal offense with sentence of less than one year that is neither treason or a felony
Written or visual defamation without legal justification
Involves transfer of technology rights in a product so that it may be produced by a different business organization in a foreign country in exchange for royalties and other payment
Defamation of character by spoker words or gestures
Federal law, initially targeting organized crime, that has expanded in scope and provides penalties and civil recovery for multiple criminal offenses, or a pattern of racketeering
Federal law that establishes the operating rules for administrative agencies
Untrue Statement by one party about another to a third party
Tort in which a third party interferes with others' freedom on contracts
Provides that information contained in records of federal administrative agencies is available to citizens on proper request
Federal standards used by judges in determining mandatory sentence terms for those convicted of federal crimes
Agreement between two or more persons to commit an unlawful act
When services are not properly rendered in accordance with commonly accepted standards, negligence by a professional in performing his or her skill
Judicial authorization for a search of property where there is the expectation of privacy
Legal payments to speed up or ensure performance of normal government duties
Negotiated disposition of a matter before an administrative agency, generally without public sanctions
Wrongs committed using a computer or with knowledge of computers
Order issued by a court or administrative agency to stop a practice that it decides impropoer
Media privilege to print inaccurate information without liability for defamation so long as a retraction was printed and there was no malice
An unauthorized action with respect to person or property
The law governing administrative agencies
Takes title to goods and bears the financial and commercial risks for the subsequent sale
Complete defense against the tort of defamation, as in the speeches of members of Congress on the floor and witnesses in a trial
Intentional detention of a person without that persons consent
Used so that countries can borrow money from other IMF members to permit that country to maintain the stability of its currencys relationship to other world countries
Government body charged with administering and implementing legislation
Warnings required to prevent self-incrimination in a criminal matter
Malicious making of false statements as to a seller's title
Written defamation about a product or service
Illegal demand by a public office acting with apparant authority
General agreement on tariffs and trade(trade without discrimination and protection through tariffs)
Civil wrong that interferes with one's property or person
Civil wrong that results from intentional conduct
Tort of intentional intrusion into the private affairs of another
Failure to exercise due care under the cirsumstances in consequence of which harm if proximately caused to one to whom the defendant owed a duty to exercise due care
Requirement that an agency make its final decision before the parties go to court
Crimes that do not use nor threaten to use force or violence or do not cause injury to persons or property
Tort that produces mental anguish caused by conduct that exceed all bounds of decency
Violation of the law that is punished as an offense against the state or government
Constitutional protection against self-incrimination that guarantees due process
A person or firm with authority to make contracts on behalf of another
person or firm who employs an agent who is primarily liable to the third person or creditor
Civil wrong for which there is absolute liability because of the inherent danger in the underlying activity(use of explosives)
Statuatory offense consisting of the unlawful conversion of property entrusted to the wrongdoer
Commercial device used to guarantee payment to a seller in an international transaction
Fraudulently making or altering an instrument that apparently creates or alters a legal liability of a document
Federal Law that makes it a felony to copy, download, transmit, or in any way transfer proprietary files, documents and information from a computer to an unauthorized person
Govt. publication published 5 days a week that lists all administrative regulations, presidential proclamations and executive orders
A provision deciding which country's laws will apply when an international contract is formed
two firms agree to perform different functions for a common result(governed by contract)
Extortion demands made by a nonpublic official

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