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To have several inexplicable relationships with women far less hot that one's wife, and subsequently ruin one's reputation. May or may not be accompanied by a car crash.
Extremely good-looking and well-dressed talk-show host with a knack for always being right. He's a pro-republican and self-proclaimed African American.
The art of quitting something, making it a huge deal, only to return to it one or more times.
A band consisting of three brothers who go on homo-erotic, technicolor adventures together.
To make billions of dollars and show it off in front of middle-aged white women
A chick who's famous for having a big butt and a sex tape
The process in which a black man becomes a white woman.
Verb, to experiment with lesbian relationships during your 20s
Another name for Steroids, HGH, or any other extreme muscle building substance
Everything that is racist, ignorant, and just plain wrong in the world condensed down into a fat, hilarious nine year old cartoon character.

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