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Can you name the A-Z things from 'The Office'?

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Michael says that 'New York is like Scranton on...'A
Dwight is famous for growing these on his farmB
The Stamford branch often played this video gameC
Dwight says his middle name is this when he goes to the hospital for a concussionD
Michael shares his birthday with this celebrityE
Michael was on this TV show as a childF
Jim gives Dwight this to detect homosexualityG
Jan's Assistant, famous for his song 'That One Night'H
Michael gives Ryan this for ChristmasI
Jim put Dwight's stapler and Andy's Calculator in this substanceJ
Michael falls into one of these on the way to a business meetingK
After Dwight tries to take Michael's job, Michael makes him stand on his desk with a sign that says thisL
Dwight's CousinM
Holly transfers to this branchN
Andy tells Dwight that Angela said this during a makeout sessionO
Andy chooses this as his weapon in his battle with DwightP
When Dwight asks something of Michael he often starts his sentence with this wordQ
Michael dates Carol who was originally his what?R
Andy plays this instrument at the Moroccan Christmas partyS
Ryan said he traveled to this country when he actually went to FloridaT
Michael hopes that the stains in the hotel room are thisU
Part of the 'Dream Team', famous for his skills as a telemarketerV
Pam Wins this award at the DundiesW
Pam gets one of these after getting hurt playing volleyballX
Michael makes the office play this game after secret santaY
In Michaels 'Diwali song', he says not to invite any of these to the partyZ

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