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Can you name the answers to Mr. Disanti's Study Guide: Cristianity, Judaism, and the Fall of Rome?

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* Any questions with _____ require you to fill in the blank (2 blanks = 2 answers) * (A) means the answer starts with that letter. *If you want to skip to another question, either click 'next' (right of answer box) or you can click on the empty box of unanswered questions.
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Second book of the Old Testament and Torah, describes the Hebrews' escape from slavery in Egypt 
People who die for their beliefs 
Gave freedom of worship to all Roman Citizens 
Means 'person sent forth'; Jesus' twelve closest followers 
Binding agreement 
People who conduct Christian services 
First book of the Old Testament and Torah, describes creation and the fall 
'New Rome'; capital of Eastern Roman Empire 
World's oldest monotheistic religion 
Ancient Hebrew kingdom established in Promised Land 
Spreading out of Jewish people all over the world following the fall of Israel 
Having only one God 
Roman emperor who believed a vision of Jesus aided him militarily and legalized the practice of Christianity 
King who united the twelve tribes of Israel 
Roman citizen who spreads Christianity and whose writings are used to elaborate Christian doctrine 
Roman emperor who established Christianity as official religion of the Roman Empire 
Proclaimed by his followers to be the Son of God, Christians believe he was crucified and rose from the dead 
Leader of the Huns who terrorized Europe 
Biblical Betrayer of Jesus 
Biblical patriarch of Jews, first covenant with God 
Apostle who, according to Bible, is the 'rock' of the church; first pope 
Biblical leader who led the Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery and received the Ten Commandments 
Paul Spreads the Word
Never ___ _____ (2nd blanks is a person) 
Originally __________ __________ (2nd is a religious group) 
Used his ___________ to establish churches from Mesopotamia to Rome 
Hierarchy of Christian Church (Top to Bottom)
Hint: Big Hat 
Hint: Also a chess piece 
Hint: You could say its a White Collar position 
Hint: Everyone else 
Jesus' Teachings
1. Build on _______ 
2. Offered _______ ____ 
3. Two _____ ____________ 
Christians Persecuted, But Why?!
1. Honor ___ (who) over _______ (who) 
2. They were used as __________ (hint: on a farm you might see a Billy____) 
Hint: If you act strangely, and won't say why, people might say you are being _________ about something... (you are hiding it). 
Christians become Popular
(Ph) Hint: Really >THINK< about this one 
4 Gospels
(Big M) 
(Lil' M) 
Jews and the Law
Jewish people believe that the ____ of ___ should be taken literally 
Sources of Judaism (before King David)
None except the _____ 

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