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Can you name the missing lyrics from these Avett Brothers songs?

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LyricsMissing word(s)Song
Take whatever you think of, while I go gas up the truck, pack the old ____ ____ up. We will read them when we forget why we left here.
And I gave to you my ____ ____ ____, you made it pretty when you put it on.
Well I have got a sister, and she has got a baby with brand new ____.
Your yellow hair is like the sunlight, however sweet it shines, bit by the cold of ____, I'm warm beside your smile.
It's the only way to keep that last bit of ____, maybe I don't have to be good but I can try to be at least a little better than I've been so far.
I don't want to live, but I sure don't want to die. I'm ____ again, and tellin' her goodbye.
Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that made us share ____ ____.
Be loud, let your colors show, try to keep the ____ low.
I keep having this dream, I'm at a party, there's people ____ ____ and screaming telling me that I don't belong.
We sat at Lake ____, and cried over where we would wed.
LyricsMissing word(s)Song
Through the desert, pissed drunk and confused I walked, I spit a ____ in the palm of my hand.
There's all these things that get me down, this dirty world is ____ __ _____.
Big brown eyes and curly hair, I wonder if she sees me stare, I can't say why I've fallen, babe ____ ____ ____.
Well you send my life a whirling, ____, when you're twirling on the floor.
You can't be like me, but be happy that you can't. I see pain but I ____ ____ ____, I am like the old tin man.
But their existence will ____ ____, and just like every word they say, and we will hold hands as they fade.
Tonight I'll burn the lyrics, 'cause every ____ was your name.
But I don't see one single solitary ____ technician, or one single camera in this moonlit field.
I'm a little nervous 'bout what you'll think when you see me in my ____ ____.
My God, my God, and I, don't need a ____ ____, my God, my God, and I, don't need a ____ ____.

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