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Forced Order
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Lyrics SongAlbum
Honey this town is a prison, with its four walls closing inSink or Swim
Someday I'll buy you that house on CookmanSeñor and the Queen
So come on before we get much older, and that can happen any one of these nightsSeñor and the Queen
Let me drive, let me drive, disappear in the night like I was a ghostSink or Swim
And you're sugar and spice, and everything niceThe '59 Sound
And who else can say that about you baby, who else can say that about you nowHandwritten
And I know you're dying for a good time, dying to breathe again. But oh my, my VirginiaThe '59 Sound
Take it easy baby, it ain't over yetHandwritten
Everything has a price, everyone has a price, nothing is free, not even meAmerican Slang
You know I think I will grow my hair back outHandwritten
Lyrics SongAlbum
You know the Summer always brought it, that wild and reckless breezeThe '59 Sound
Did you sleep last night? And do you remember dreams?Handwritten
It's alright man, I'm only bleeding man, stay hungry, stay free, and do the best you canSink or Swim
3 AM comes down and nothing else comes upSink or Swim
What makes a woman believe in a man such as meHandwritten
Maybe I should live up there in the curtains, on the wings of Mercury Get Hurt
And you can lean on me until your heart don't beat, I'll leave you spinning there on the floorGet Hurt
I will wait on the edges in between these New York streets where you and I would meetAmerican Slang
And the raindrops and the cars keep on falling from off the bars, blocking out a good song playing on the radioThe B-Sides
The pictures then were black and white and the details were in betweenGet Hurt

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