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Can you name the Finish the Lyrics- Farragut Style?

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Artist and LyricsLyrics
Journey- Just a Small town Girl (5)
Billy Joel- Making love to his tonic and gin (9)
Neil Diamond- Hands touching hands (9)
Boston- When i am tired and thinking cold (5)
Kings of Leon- Hot as a fever (7)
Hey Soul Sister- I'm So obsessed (11)
Rick Springsteen- And shes watching (11)
Toby Keith- She holds tight (11)
Artist and LyricsLyrics
Queen- So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye (12)
Lady Gaga- I want your Horror (4)
Maroon 5- I dont mind spending every day(8)
Bon Jovi- Oh we're half way there (6)
Glee- Cause he's lovin', he's touchin', He's squeezin' another (5)
Blake Shelton- And PS if this is Austin(4)
Craig Morgan- Mean lil freckled face kid (6)

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