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Can you name the Grey's Anatomy Triva (Shooting Rampage)?

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 The shooter originally planned to only kill these men (2)
 Shot and crawled into the Elevator
 Almost shot while trying to get blood from the blood bank
 Told shooter she was a nurse
 Was with Derek when he was shot
 First Person to be Shot
 Took the bullet out of Owen's shoulder
 The shooter
 Gave the shooter directions to Derek's office in the elevator
 Gave the shooter gauze to stop the bleeding after he was shot
 Found a doctor lying in his own blood on the Elevator floor (2)
 Talked the shooter out of shooting her by telling him personal details about herself
 Was with Bailey and a patient when he was shot
 Ran back into the hospital after he was evacuated
 The shooter confesses to this person that he only has one bullet left and is planning to shoot himself or this person
 Shot in the OR while Cristina was operating on Derek
 Hid under a patient's bed
 Told the shooter to shoot her
 The shooter offers this person a drink wich he pours out
 Derek locked them in a supply closet (2)
 Unpllugged the machine that killed the shooter's wife
 Described the shooter as 'having his people-shooting hat on'
 Operated on Derek at gunpoint
 Told a doctor to tell his crush that she missed out on a great guy
 Refers to the hospital as his hospital
 Tried to take down the shooter
 Freaked out when she realized that the elevators were off
 Dies in Miranda Bailey's arms
 Alex Karev told this character to 'eat more bacon'
 Shot on the Catwalk
  The patient with Bailey and Charles (first name)
 Found Reed after she was shot (either person)
 Told the shooter he was a good person
 This person was stuck in PEDS during the lockdown
 Unplugged Derek's moniters to make the shooter think he died
 Told a patient to play dead
 Alex cried out for her after he was shot

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