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The Dragonball Z Trivia Challenge

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The name of Goku's brother
The technique Piccolo used to kill Goku's brother
The name of the person who planted the Saibamen
The name of the person who cut off Vegeta's tail
The name of the Namekian dragon who grants wishes
Frieza's handsome sidekick who beats Vegeta in a battle
The name of the Namekian who fuses with Piccolo
The first member of the Ginyu Force to be killed
Captain Ginyu eventually switched into the body of what type of animal
The number of forms Frieza was shown to have (including his first form)
The first person Frieza killed in the final battle
The name of Frieza's father
The name of the company which made the spaceships in which the characters flew to space
The number of years Trunks told Goku that the androids will come to Earth
The first Z fighter to see the androids and get killed by them
The name of the doctor who was and create the androids
The name of the army in which this doctor originally came from
The android in which Cell first absorbed
The name of the event which Cell created to fight the Z fighters
The name of the warlock who absorbed energy to release Majin Buu
The treat in which Majin Buu created his enemies into
Gotenks fought Buu in this location
The reincaration of Kid Buu
The name of the main villian in the DBZ movie Dead Zone
The father of Goku
Frieza's brother
The Legendary Super Saiyan
In the DBZ movie about Trunks. Gohan in that time period was missing this part of his body
The bandit who hijacked the universal martial artsts tournament
The name of movie villain which looked just like Goku

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