Science Quiz / 10 animals commonly found in the Tundra Biome

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Can you name the name 15 animals commonly found in the Tundra Biome?

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1) World's largest land carnivore
2) the official bird of Quebec
3) Uses keen hearing to hear prey under the snow
4) Migrates the furthest of any terrestrial mammal, travelling up to 5,000 km
5) Its top predators are #3 and #9
6) Use musky odor to attract females during mating season
7) Has brown fur in the Spring and Summer, and has white fur during the Fall and Winter
8) Long, straight, helical tusk extending from their upper left jaw
9) Usually travel in packs of 2 to 20
10) Females weigh 150 - 350 kilograms (330 - 770 pounds), males weigh on average 230 – 450 kg (500 - 1000 lb)

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