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Hello, my birth name is Kevin George Knipfing. You could find me trying to stop the bad guys or struggling to find a pen
You'd find me comparing business cards with others while trying to avoid the Green Goblin, but all I am asking from you is to be professional, for christ sake!!!!
This 2005 horror film used the word f*** around 560 times. You would think only a social deviant or outcast would be so profane.
According to sporcle, this is the amount of movies Samuel L. Jackson has been in. (it's over 50!)
By imdb ratings, this is Adam Sandler's most successful film.
What actor was runner up in landing the role of the Green Lantern?
In what movie did Director Steven Spielberg receive the lowest salary?
The Coen brothers first four movies in order were Blood Simple., Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, then this.............
This controversial director actually wrote the screenplay for Scarface (1983).
We all know Martin Scorsese can direct, but he seldom writes. What was the last American movie in which he helped with the screenplay?

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