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A player scores 3 goals in one game 
A player scores 3 goals in one game without having any goals in between 
Passing a puck without looking 
A pass that is lifted in the air over an opponents stick 
The area between the blue lines 
A player gets a goal, an assist, and a fight in one game 
A shot awarded to a player who was taken down while 1 on 1 with the goalie 
A goalie does not let in any goals in a game 
The list of players on a team 
The brand of machine used to clean the ice 
The wall around the hockey rink 
A player in control of the puck when the only opponent between him and the opposition's goal is the goalie 
Using the shaft of the stick to jab or attempt to jab an opposing player 
Position of the player who plays in between the wingers 
The semi-circular area in front of each goal 
A fake by a player in possession of the puck in order to get around an opponent or to make a goalie move out of position 
Defensive alignment often used by a team defending against a power play 
Defensive alignment often used by a team defending against a power play 
Defensive strategy in which three players align themselves along their own blue line to prevent opposing players from skating the puck in 
A common warm-up drill named after an NHL team 
When a player exaggerates being hooked or tripped in an attempt to draw a penalty 
Nickname for the Montreal Canadiens 
The point where the shaft of the stick and the bottom of the blade meet 
The tip of the blade of a hockey stick 
A formation used by a team that is on the power play to take advantage of its numerical superiority 
If you 'hit a puck between the pipes', what did you do? 
The line that divides the rink into two equal parts 
The prime scoring area up the middle of the ice, between the face-off circles 
A player who is a pure goal scorer and who doesn't hit other players or the boards all that much 
A player whose main objective is to fight and agitate the other players 
Losing control of the puck to the opposing team 
What is a 'yawning cage'? 
A penalty with the length of 2 minutes 
A penalty with the length of 4 minutes 
A penalty with the length of 5 minutes 
A penalty with the length of 10 minutes 

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