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Resistance to phagocytosis in group A streptococcus conferred by this rod-shaped molecule
Cause of erysipelas, necrotizing fasciitis, puerperal or childbed fever
Addition of this nutrient is necessary for growth of Streptococcus-like Abiotrophia and Granulicatella
Species of Candida resistant to fluconazole
Double zone of beta hemolysis on blood agar plate, gas production in thioglycolate broth, opaque precipitate on egg yolk agar from lecithinase
Anaerobic streptococci
Cytopathic syncytia in this cell line is diagnostic of RSV or HSV
Substitution of D-Lactate for D-Alanine characterizes resistance to this antibiotic
Medium-large, gray, flat, irregular colonies on blood agar with swirling projections ('Medusa head'); nonhemolytic; large gram + rods
Exophiala fungi, a cause of mycotic keratitis, brain abscess, mycetoma, and pneumonia, is this type of fungus
Minute-colony streptococci, cause absecces in soft tissues, abdominal cavity
Bacteria grown on Martin-Lewis agar
Antibiotic susceptibility for Stenotrophomonas is often restricted to this antibiotic
Most common species of group B strep
Virulence factor of strep viridans spp. to cause endocarditis is production of this sugar, facilitating adherence to platelet-fibrin thrombi on damaged valves
Opportunistic ascomycete fungi, club-shaped spores, URIs in AIDS pts, asthma, potato blight
Pleomorphic ringlike structures within RBCs, up to 4-5 rings/cell
Group D streptococci
Serotypes of this virus found in stool, eye infections; rounding and aggregation of infected cells in grapelike clusters on cell lines
Swarming motility on agar plate

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