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Can you name the words or terms below with 'Black' in the name?

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Glare reducer for football player
1974 song by The Doobie Brothers
Helps detect counterfeit bills
Healthy alternative to fried fish or chicken
R&B group with 'No Diggity'
1998 film with Brad Pitt as 'death'
Soundgarden song originally written for Nirvana
Power outage, result of excessive drinking, Britney Spears album
Led Zeppelin song from their fourth album
Rock group or a piano component
Bodyguard/friend of Rob Dyrdek
Will Smith made this look good
2000 Prequel to The Chronicles of Riddick with cult following
Essential female cocktail attire
Chicago hockey team
Wiz Khalifa song
Hip hop group including and Taboo
Natalie Portman Best Actress film
Better-known pirate name of Edward Teach
Basic cable channel
Folk song made popular by Ram Jam
'Dirt Off Your Shoulder' and '99 Problems' album
Punch to the face result
Comedian know for angry rants
1996 Chris Farley and David Spade film
Observed every February
Covert mission

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