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AGlee club member in a wheelchair
BDumb blond cheerleader
CFinn's mom name
DSchool that Blaine and Kurt go to
EGuidance counselor clean freak
FQuarterback of the football team
G Rachel always puts this next to her name
HWorks at Sheets n' Things and is dyslexic
IFirst name of actor who plays Figgins
JLead member of Vocal Adrenaline
KGay singer Finn's stepbrother
LBrittany's Cat
MDiva member of glee
NName of the glee club
ORachel's 2nd try at a original song is called_________
PDelinquent football player
QCheerleader member of glee
RAmazing singer member of glee
SCoach of cheerios
TAsian faked a stutter
ULast name of actress who plays Tina
VRival glee club
WSpanish teacher director of glee
XThe glee cast sang Don't Stop Believin' on this show
YThey sang________about Sue on Christmas
ZLauren's last name

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