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Can you name all the equipment in Black Ops 3?

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Fully Auto SMG 
Fully Auto SMG 
Fully Auto SMG 
Fully Auto SMG 
4 Round Burst SMG 
Fully Auto SMG 
Fully Auto SMG 
Assault Rifle
Fully Auto AR 
3 Round Burst AR 
Fully Auto AR 
Fully Auto AR 
Fully Auto AR 
Semi-Auto AR 
4 Round Burst AR 
Semi Auto Assault Rifle 
Pump Action Shougun 
Semi-Auto Shotgun 
Fully Auto Shotgun 
Lever-Action Shotgun 
Fully Auto LMG 
Fully Auto LMG 
Fully Auto LMG 
6 Round-Burst LMG 
Semi Auto Sniper 
Bolt Action Sniper 
3 Round Burst Sniper 
Bolt Action Sniper 
Bolt Action Sniper 
Semi Auto Pistol 
3 Round Burst Pistol 
Fully Auto Pistol 
Semi Auto Shotgun Pistols 
Rocket Launcher
Lock On/Free Fire Rocket Launcher 
Lock On Rocket Launher 
Melee Weapon 
Semi-Auto Crossbow 
Melee Weapon 
Melee Weapon 
Melee Weapon 
Melee Weapon 
Melee Weapon 
Melee Weapon 
Melee Weapon 
Melee Weapon 
Cooked Grenade 
A Sticky Throwable Grenade 
A Plantable Motion Triggered Mine 
A Throwable Fire Grenade 
A Throwable Axe 
A Planted Explosive That Has An Alarm 
Stuns and Staggers Enemies 
Produces a thick screen to shield 
Disables enemy electronics 
Intercepts and Destroys Incoming Projectiles 
Proximity triggered mine that temporarily paralyzes nearby enemies.  
Blinds and disorients enemies. 
Can hack enemy scorestreaks and take for your own 
Basic Sight 
Zoomed Sight 
Changable Zoom Sight 
Lights up when enemies walk through. 
Basic Sight 
Headshots do increased damage 
Can have more than one gun; only on pistols 
Extends Range of Gun 
Adds More Ammo To Gun 
Reload Faster 
Bullets do more damage through materials 
Decreased Recoil 
Faster ADS Time 
Able to shoot faster 
Can move around faster while ADS 
Hipfire spread tightened 
Player won't show up on minimap while firing 
Reduces Sway when aiming down sniper scope 
Perk 1
Your suits thrusters have a faster recharge rate than norma 
Makes you undetectable by enemy air support, except the UAV and H.A.T.R. 
Displays a red area indicator on your radar with the direction (left, right, up, down) of nearby enemies 
You take less damage from enemy explosives and flames. 
Allows you to earn your Specialist weapon or ability faster. 
Enemy minimaps can't detect you as long as you keep moving, 
Perk 2
Swap faster between your primary and secondary weapon, and back to your weapon after performing an action, like using an equipment. You also aim down the sight faster after sprinting. 
Gives a small starting bonus to your Scorestreak meter when you spawn.  
Grants immunity to many other perks 
Shows fresh enemy footsteps on the ground as digital imprints. 
Enemy AI controlled ground-based Scorestreaks can't detect you. 
Lets you loot ammo and equipment from fallen enemies, as long as they weren't taken out by explosives. 
Perk 3
You can hip-fire your weapon, use equipment and throw grenades while sprinting. 
Suppresses your suits thruster sound. It also makes you invisible on the radar when performing thrust jumps. 
Makes enemy movement easier for you to hear. 
Tactical grenades have less of an effect on you. 
Shows enemy equipment and Scorestreaks through walls. 
Your footsteps and other actions are silent. 
Remote-controlled car that can explode 
Periodically sweeps the radar and reveals enemy locations as dots. 
Air drops a package to a chosen location 
Jams the enemy radar 
Anti-personnel drone equipped with three lock-on missiles. 
A microwave dish that can stagger, stun, disorient, and eventually kill any enemy that comes into range of the microwave beam. 
Launches a coordinated airstrike on three targets of your choice. 
Remotely launched precision missile with booster rockets.  
Deploys an object that automatically locks on to people. 
Airdropped into the selected location where it will automatically patrol and engage enemies.  
Deploy a targeted explosive drone bomb strike. 
AI or player controlled escort attack drone with a minigun. 
Calls in a friendly attack craft with advanced stealth capabilities. 
Gives your team the perfect surveillance of the entire enemy team with their exact locations and the direction they are facing. 
Airdropped explosive drones. 
Once the device has been deployed it disables enemy electronics and cripples their thruster-assisted movements. 
Heavily armored Juggernaut robot with an LMG. 
Powerful VTOL gunship with one primary and two secondary turrets. 
Specialist Weapon
Once slammed in ground create a powerful shockwave that destroys everything in range.  
Advanced composite bow that fires explosive arrows that explode shortly after contact. 
Fires an arc of electricity, shocking the target and also bouncing to nearby enemies within range. 
Grenade launcher that shoots bouncing grenades that split into three fragments on contact. 
High-caliber revolver that fires powerful rounds capable of taking out enemies in one-hit 
Launcher that shoots Nano-Drone pods that stick to any surface 
Activates an arm-integrated quad-barrel minigun with 160 rounds. 
Replaces your melee attack with twin blades and extends its attack range. 
Powerful flamethrower that ignites enemies on fire. 
Specialist Ability
Enables a temporary burst of speed. 
Sonic ping that reveals nearby enemies as red targets, even through walls. 
Hacks the battlefield simulation grid and teleports you back a few seconds to a previous location 
Deflects enemy bullets away from your body while active 
Once activated, all score earned towards Scorestreaks will have a bonus multiplier 
Once you die, you can inject a nanoparticle serum to your arm that will revive you 
Hacks the enemy HUD so that they will see three simulated decoy Reapers. 
Renders you nearly invisible for a short duration 
Releases a stored thermal charge that emits a massive heat blast.  
Gives you an extra perk 1 
Gives you an extra perk 2 
Gives you an extra perk 3 
Give you an extra attahcment 
Give you an extra attahcment 
Give you an extra attahcment 
Can equip a primary gun as a secondary 
Can put 2 attachments on a secondary gun 
Can equip 2 grenades 
Can equip 2 different kinds of tacticals 
Pre-Order Bonus Map 
Dlc 1 Map 
Dlc 1 Map 
Dlc 1 Map 
Dlc 1 Map 
Dlc 2 Map 
Dlc 2 Map 
Dlc 2 Map 
Dlc 2 Map 

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