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Aspergers, untalentedrich dad
head Cheerio, pregnantdyed hair pink
football coach, femaleadmittes to be in love with Shue
Asian, Mike Chang 4everin love with Blaine
football player, transferred out of McKinleySeason 1
football player, Joffrey dancerstrict father
Will's ex-wifeSheets n' Things
hit Blaine in the eye with rock saltin the Dalton Academy Warblers
faked out Rachelstar of Vocal Adrenaline
Cheerios coachhates Glee Club
baby daddy, badass, Jewishmohawk
OCD, guidance counselordated Ken, Carl, married Will
Rachels biological mothercoach of Vocal Adrenaline
dance teacher at NYADAhates Rachel
Cheerio, lesbianboob job
NYADA, loves Barbra Streisand, gold starstwo gay dads
glee instructorSpanish teacher
quarterback, Glee co-captainmom married Burt
original Warbler, transferred for Kurt(Season 2)
Season 1 football coachshort shorts
bisexual, student body Presidentstoopid
wheelchairwanted to be a dancer
NYADA judgegives Rachel and Kurt a second chance
new head Cheeriotightened Marley's skirt
black, had a thing for KurtAretha Franklin
likes Marleycatfished
likes to be a girl, really a dudeoriginally in Vocal Adrenaline
trouty mouth, homelessblonde stripper
bulimic, obese mother'New Rachel'
religious, helped Quinn with paralysisspider dreads
dated Puck, obesewrestler
Downs Syndrome'shooter'
gay, NYADA, loves BroadwayVogue magazine intern
Puckerman's half brotherpart Jewish, part Black, part white

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