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The largest tank battle in history took place during this battle
British and Canadian target beach on D-Day
This Battleship was sunk by Japanese bombers near Singapore in December 1941
This costly battle took place near an Abbey on a high Peak in Italy
Operation Dynamo evacuated Allied troops from this port
The US 101st Airborne were besieged here and held out from 20th - 26th December 1944
Operation Goodwood was part of the battle for this city
The name of the steel works factory that saw heavy fighting at Stalingrad
Operation Berlin was the Allied withdrawal from this city
Pivotal battle in the North African campaign
Decisive naval battle in the Pacific theatre 7th June 1942
Operation that saw the Allied landings in North Africa
2 German battleships took part in the channel dash in February 1942, Gneisenau and which other
The name given to Orde Wingate's special forces in Burma
Failed raid on a French port by Canadian commandos took place here in August 1942
A turning point in the war, Axis Army Group B were encircled at this city
Largest airborne operation in history
Name for the Allied intelligence program at Bletchley Park
HMS Campbeltown carrying British commandos raided this port in 1942 during operation Chariot
Member of German high command who made his way to Scotland

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