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Ask directions from a _____ in a bottle of jim beam
I don't remember all that _______ Or the gettysburg address, but there is one speech from high school I'll never forget
And said, 'there's more than one way To be a man on a _______ with a dog in a field
And it's church league softball holler 'bout a bad call _________ breakin' up the fight
I hit my brakes and mumbled under my breath His _____ went a flying and his orange drink covered his lap
I saw a little town that some big _____ tore apart And people came from miles around just to help their neighbors out
I said, 'Well, howdy do, that's good for you, I dig a lot of those actors But son you ain't got a thing on me, see I got friends with _______'
when the sun came up I was sneakin' her home and draggin my butt to work with the smell of her _____ on my shirt
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Took off my ball cap, tucked in my shirt I just had to see what kind of life could cause such a ________ ___
And it's who left the _______ on the couch Don't let that dog lick it in the mouth
Well, you could get hit by a _____ tomorrow So you might as well raise a little hell tonight
Ain't it something? You can jump on a plane And hop on a bus, catch you a train Take in a Saturday game at _____ ____
Well that color on his arms and neck aint from no tannin bed, Leaves no doubt bout where he stand on a _____, or tha lord,
If you wonderin' where I'll be Take out a map of ________ And you'll find me than right there in the middle
And as they headed down my way, I saw his _____ hair cut and the new scars on his face

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