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Can you name the Greatest Animated Cartoons of the 1990s?

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ClueCartoon Name
A bunch of babies looking for adventure.
A wallaby's adventures in O-Town.
A feline stuck to a canine.
A goofy kid who wears his underwear on the outside.
Move it, Football Head!
A crazy family that goes on wildlife adventures.
A family with dopey dad and a genius daughter.
Gotta catch em' all!
Two oversized rodents who are always bickering.
Skits made by the wacky Warner siblings.
ClueCartoon Name
Heifer and hen.
Smarty pants mouse and his dimwitted partner.
A silly and gross pair with a cat and chihuahua.
Everyday is filled with skating and surfing.
Fighting for the green balls & quarrels with kindergartners.
The striped one has giant lips and the fat one carries his eyeballs.
Two idiot friends who are always causing trouble in the neighborhood.
A father and son canine pair.
Ducklings who are always craving adventure.
Originally made using construction paper cutouts.

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