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Can you name the Avatar: TLA and TLK Characters?

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First Avatar
Avatar female air bender
Avatar male water bender
That uses the painted face
Died in a volcanic eruption
Which got trapped on an iceberg for 100 years.
Opened the spiritual portals
A girl from the southern water tribe
Boomerang kid
The blind bandit
It became the Firelord in the series finale
Loves tea
The leader of Kyoshi's Warriors
An earth bender katara's friend
Daughter of the Firelord and princess of the Fire Nation
The gates of the capital of the Fire Nation carry his name
A comet takes its name
Mother of Zuko
A Aang's friend from Fire Nation
The Phoenix King and Firelord
Girl's circus that can block the chi
Daughter of Governor Omashu after being taken, by the Fire Nation
Father of Katara and Sokka
First Bloodbender
Have a pet bear
The mad king
First professor of fire bends to Aang
Sokka's Master
Aang's Friend and master. 'Like a father'
Grandma of Katara
Also known as the Black and White Spirit, is a forest spirit that normally takes the form of a docile panda bear
The Spirit Face Stealer
An ancient, wise, and powerful spirit who collects information for his Spirit Library, and thus is the most knowledgeable being among humans and spirits
A professional earthbending wrestler who participated in the Earth Rumble tournaments
Leader of a group called the Freedom Fighters.
A Firebender Korra's Friend
He fell in love with Korra, in the first moment
Mako's girlfriend
Mother of four children
Son of Aang, bending air
First Tenzin's daughter
Second Tenzin's daughter
First Tenzin's son
Second Tenzin's son
Equalist Leader
Council's bloodbender
Father of Korra
Korra's Uncle
The Light Spirit
The Dark Spirit
Police chief of the Republic City
Governor of Zaofu and metal clan leader
Princess and Spirit Moon
Flying Bison of Aang
Flying lemur
Metal bender trying to unify the Earth Kingdom by means of an empire
Combustion Bender Woman
Leader of the Red Lotus
The First Lava Bender Kknown
Water Bender has no arms
Airbender who lived the last years of his life without touching their feet on the ground
Leader of Dai Li in TLA Series

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