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QUIZ: Can you name the Weird Animal Trivia 3?

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____ always turn left when exiting a cave.
____ have white blood.
____ are the only animal that can see the color blue.
A ____ can float in water.
____ can dig three hundred feet tunnels in one night.
____ spends eight percent of their lives sleeping or dozing.
____ can breath through their butts.
____ babies are called spats.
____ can't swallow while upside down.
An ____ can end its own life.
____ have ten tentacles.
____ have thirty-five blue eyes.
____ are the only bird with penises.
A ___ can live up to two years without any food.
____ breathe through their skin.
____ have bills like a duck, and lay eggs as birds do.

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