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An ____ spends twenty hours a day eating.
____ do not have eyelids.
____ can not move their eyes.
A ____ has thirty-two muscles in each ear.
A ____ will give more milk, if milked while listening to music.
A baby ____ is called a kit.
A ____ when full grown, can run as fast as horses.
____ sperm is larger than, Elephant sperm.
____ can not stick their tongues out.
____ sleep with one eye closed.
While bouncing a ____ uses it tail for balance.
____ have three eyelids.
A ____ can mate more than fifty times a day.
____ are the only animals with hair on the soles of their feet.
____ taste with their hind legs.
A ____ can jump up to six feet.
A ____ can only eat when their head is upside down.
____ are the largest fish in the world.

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