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DescriptionWhat am I?
My walk shakes the earth. I have a long nose, love to swim, and wouldn't mind being fed some peanuts.
I have a long sticky tongue, and find termites delicious. My eyesight isn't too well, but my claws are long, and great for digging.
I have a very long neck, that lets my scan the area for predators. My favorite snack is leaves, that come from the highest branches.
Daylight isn't for me, as I prefer the night to stalk my prey. I like to be alone, and I'm excellent at tree climbing.
I have tusks, and a snout. Despite pop culture thinking so, I don't like meerkats.
I have a temper like a tornado, however choose to only eat plants. I like to run, especially when charging at others with my horns.
My stripes makes people wonder, what color I truly am. I like to graze, and spend time with my many friends.
I'm very smart, and can be seen helping scientist, or accompanying my friend Jane Goodall.
My relatives played with the dinosaurs. I'm scaly, scary, and sly, and I like to swim.
I'm small, however my ears tower over me. I like to play in the sand, especially at night. Some might even call me sly. Many love me for my cute appearance, and small size.
DescriptionWhat am I?
Many know me from pet stores, however my real habitat is here in Africa, where I dig tunnels, and spend almost all my time underground.
I have a long neck, and antlers, and can be quite fast. I like to eat. My fur is brown, however I have several white and black markings.
I'm huge, with muscle to show off. Many portray me as beating my chest, with my fists. I auditioned for the 1999 Disney film, however wasn't picked.
I'm lazy, big, and love to eat. Floating in the water and rolling in the mud, is my idea of a good day, but bother me, and you may never see your family again.
I'm scared of nothing, not even cobras. Who doesn't care, I don't care.
Certain movie creators, make me look crazy, however I am highly intelligent. When feeling aggressive, I like to laugh, but that also means you should get away.
I'm called the king of the jungle, but am actually lazy. The lady's are the ones doing all the work. My golden coat, just shows how royal I am.
I'm longer than I am wide, however still quite small. Despite my size, one bite, will kill an adult man in just twenty minutes.
I am the largest bird on earth, but I can't fly. My kick can send you flying, if you try to mess with me.
I have two horns, which I hope I never loose. My anger is a huge problem. If scared, I won't turn away, but charge straight at you.

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