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Name the movie the three actors appeared in with other characters they've played

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CharactersMovie Actors ShareActors
Rory Gilmore, John McClane, & Sue Storm
Gracie Hart, Danny Ocean, & Jackson Pollock
Stephen Hawking, Alma Del Mar, & Hermione Granger
June Carter, Bruce Banner, & Napoleon Dynamite
Robert Maclean, Frannie Lancaster, & David Levinson
Cedric Diggory, Snow White, & Cinderella
Katniss Everdeen, Jack Byrnes, & Gwendolyn Stoker
Perseus, Rosemary Woodhouse, & The Director
Sam Hall, Rachel Green, & Dewey Cox
Benjamin Button,Pepper Potts, & Nelson Mandela
CharactersMovie Actors ShareActors
Lisbeth Salander, Galadriel, & Eric Taylor
Jay Gatsby, Harley Quinn, & Dallas
Wolverine, Mia Thermopolis, & Mrs. Lovett
Mary, Sean Parker, & Sadness
Ruffnut, Moira MacTaggert, & Sookie St. James
Hallie Parker/Annie James, Irene Adler, & Liz Lemon
James Bond, King George VI, & Bootstrap Bill Turner
Kevin Flynn, Dan Conner, & Clarice Starling
Bruce Wayne, Gwen Stacy, & Ann Darrow
Sam Dawson, George W. Bush, & James Dean

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