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Actor's name
Actor played another character in episode 1.02 who had this job
Actor played another character in episode 1.03 who had this job
Kirk's girlfriend's name
Lives with whom
Crashes Taylor's car into what
Stumbles through the rules as an announcer for what sport
Failed to make a map, leading to lost and stinky what
Named his violent cat what
Name of the business he brings to work at Lane and Zach's wedding
Gets into a real estate battle with Luke over what property
Delivers what flower to the Independence Inn for Max's proposal to Lorelai
Bedroom used to be a what
Starts a business driving Star's Hollow's first what
Played what character in the Festival of Living Pictures
Performs what job at Liz and TJ's wedding
'Babette Ate Oatmeal' and 'Rory's Going to Yale' are slogans found on what
Installs what device in Lorelai's house after Rory leaves for college
Name of the movie theater where he is an attendant
Starts what skincare line after noticing that 'Cows never wrinkle'
Befriending old ladies allows Kirk to acquire what
Offers Lorelai a selection of 'whimsical' what, including Condoleezza Rice's head

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