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Year Back to the Future was released
Actor playing Marty McFly
Model of car used for the time machine
Actor playing Doc Brown
Doc's first name
Element that powers the time machine
Amount of energy needed for time travel
Date to which Marty travels
Name of Marty's mother
Actress playing Marty's mother
Name of Marty's father
Actor playing Marty's father
Name of Marty's brother
Actor playing Marty's brother
Name of Marty's sister
Actress playing Marty's sister
Name of Marty's girlfriend
Actress playing Marty's girlfriend
Nationality of the terrorists who shot Doc
Name of Doc's dog
Back to the Future Director
'Power of Love' artist
The artist who wrote 'Power of Love' also contributed which other song to the film soundtrack
McFly's home town
Back to the Future is set in which US state
Name of Marty's High School Principal
Marty donates a quarter to this society
Time that lightning strikes the clock tower
Name of Marty's band
Actor who tells Marty his band is 'too darn loud'
Amount of time that Doc's clocks are slow at the beginning of the film
This device makes time travel possible
Name of the mall in which the time machine was tested
Actor who was originally cast as Marty
One of the co-writers of Back to the Future
Composer of the film's musical score
Executive Producer of Back to the Future
Brand of underpants that Marty wears
Finish Biff's quote: 'Make like a tree and _____________'
The instrument that Marty plays
Brand of shoes Marty wears in 1985
Brand of shoes Marty wears in 1955
Name of the development in which the McFlys live
President of the United States in 1985
Name of school event at which Marty's parents first kiss
Name of the band playing at the dance
Original Artist of 'Johnny B. Goode'
Marty instructs the band to play 'Johnny B. Goode' in this musical key
1955 Mayor of Hill Valley
1985 Mayor of Hill Valley
Who owned the 1955 pine tree farm?
One of the scientists pictured on Doc's mantle
Name of the Cafe in which Marty meets his father in 1955
What does Marty orrder at this Cafe?
Artist who created the movie poster
How old was Marty McFly's character supposed to be?
How old was the actor playing Marty?
Finish the quote: 'I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet, but____________'
The time machine's vanity license plate
Actor playing Biff Tannen
Name of Marty's 'jailbird' uncle
How many Academy Award nominations did the film receive?
Back to the Future won an Academy Award in which category?
Title of the book that Marty's father published
How many weeks was the film number one at the box office?
Year that Back to the Future Part II was released
Year that Back to the Future Part III was released
Street on which Doc lives
Restaurant chain located next to Doc's garage
What alias does Marty use when he dresses in the radiation suit and visits his father?
What famous scientist rose to fame following his role on the Back to the Future animated series?
Model of car driven by Marty's father in the first version of 1985
Marty's father's favorite television program
The last line of dialogue in the film
Biff crashed his car into the truck for this manure handling company
Model of Biff's car
Name a member of Biff's gang
This actor in Biff's gang went on to star in Titanic (1997)
Name of the television show rerun playing during the McFly dinner
In the photograph, what class year does Marty's sister have on her sweatshirt
Model of truck Marty finds in his garage upon returning to 1985
Finish the quote: 'If you put your mind to it ____________________'
Name of the bum who sleeps on the bus stop bench who says 'Crazy drunken driver' upon hearing Marty crash the time machine upon re-entry to 1985
Sweet snack that Marty's father eats with his dinner
Model of car Doc drives in 1955
Brand of dog food that Doc feeds his dog
Brand of the orange-yellow guitar Marty plays at the beginning of the film
Speed that the time machine must reach to achieve time travel
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