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Forced Order
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What actor does Leslie's 'man pillow' look like?
What club throws a party in Leslie's honor in 'Pawnee Zoo'?
In what episode does April come up with the 'Janet Snakehole' character?
Which character has Shana Malwae-Tweep NOT tried to romance? Ben, Chris, Mark or Andy
Where is Ben from?
Does Ron like riddles?
What is the name of the winner of the Miss Pawnee Pageant?
What is Andy's code name for Donna in 'Bus Tour'?
What is Andy's code name for April in 'Bus Tour'?
What is Andy's code name for Ben in 'Bus Tour'?
Which of the following is NOT part of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness? Buffets, Property Rights, Fear, or B.O.
When is Jerry's birthday?
What is the name of the Wamapoke Chief?
Which of the following characters does NOT catch the flu in 'Flu Season'? Jerry, April, Leslie, or Chris
Which department won the mural contest in 'The Camel'?
What color was the streak Ann put in her hair after being dumped by Chris?
What is the name of the dating show Tom invented in 'Road Trip'?
What is the name of the hairstyle Leslie gets in 'The Banquet'?
In what country did Councilman Dexhart allegedly have four-way cave sex?
What country does Leslie represent in the Model UN in 'The Treaty'?
What country does Ben represent in the same episode?
What does Ron build while drinking whiskey in order to prove a point to Leslie in 'Sweetums'?
What song does Mouse Rat perform at the diabetes telethon?
What was Leslie's favorite song from Freddy Spaghetti's performance?
What book does Leslie read aloud while filibustering herself in 'Canvassing'?
What is Ann's Halloween costume in 'Meet 'N Greet'?
What does Ron think she's dressed as?
What is the name of the song Andy writes for April in 'The Master Plan'?
Who does April flirt with over the phone to make Andy jealous in 'Telethon'?
What is the name of Chris's favorite health food store?
What is the name of the Halloween episode in season two?
Where was Leslie born?
In 'Christmas Scandal,' where does Dave learn he has to move when his Army Reserve unit is called up?
Who shot Ron in 'Hunting Trip'?
In what episode does Tom first try to hit on Ann?
What does Ron give April for her 21st birthday?
What is the name of the bed and breakfast the group ends up at in 'Camping'?
Who falls in the pit in 'Rock Show'?
What author does Leslie frequently quote in her budget proposal?
What is the worst thing about Tammy 2?

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