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Forced Order
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What is the name of Pierce's half-brother?
What two movies are hated by the professors of the pottery and sailing classes in 'Beginner Pottery'?
What is the name of Hilary Duff's character in 'Aerodynamics of Gender'?
What line do Troy and Britta say in Dean Pelton's Greendale commercial?
What is the name of the Halloween episode in season two?
What religion is Annie's dad?
What do the baby Abeds say in 'Digital Estate Planning'?
What did Troy think the subject 'psychopharmacology' was about?
Which female celebrity does Abed portray at the bar mitzvah in 'Contemporary Impressionists'?
What are the names of Shirley's children?
What profession is Chang's brother?
Complete the title: 'Time Desk: The Chronicles of ____ ________'
Who said: 'Did you know Go-Gurt is just yogurt?
Who said: 'I'll slit your butts' throats!'
Who said: 'It's just like Stalin back in Russia-times!'
Who said: 'Adults, they get respect, but they also get the back of their head grabbed and their face pushed through jukeboxes!'
What do the bracelets Shirley gives the study group in 'Comparative Religion' say?
What does Starburns add to his ensemble in season two?
What does Starburns add to his ensemble in season three?
Who infects Britta with the Glee virus in 'Regional Holiday Music'?
What malady does Annie fake to prevent Troy from going on a date in 'Home Economics'?
What song did Jeff perform a parody version of in his audition tape for The Real World: Seattle?
What is the name of Annie's neighborhood crackhead who pees on people's cars?
What picture is used for Danny Pudi in the opening credits of 'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons'?
What brand of potato chips does Leonard review in the tag for the season 3 finale?
Complete the quote: 'I can't exactly buy him a cat monocle, can I? It's ________!'
Complete the quote: '9/11 was pretty much the 9/11 of the _______ _______'
Complete the quote: 'I don't want my child's first memory to be ________'
Complete the quote: 'You're doing it with the speed and determination of the incomparable ______ ________'
Complete the quote: 'I've got a real big penis, and I _____ ____ __ ___'
What does Professor Whitman order at the coffee shop in 'Introduction to Film'?
What color was the pen that disappeared in 'Cooperative Calligraphy'?
What song plays during the pool competition in 'Physical Education'?
What musical does Troy perform in an all black production of?
What is the original name of the pillow fort in 'Digital Exploration of Interior Design' (It is later renamed 'Pillowtown')?
In what episode does Leonard first appear?
In what episode does Magnitude first appear?
In what episode does Starburns first appear?
What does Annie write on the banana in 'Origins of Vampire Mythology'?
What cereal mascot does the study group trick Pierce into dressing as in 'The Science of Illusion'?

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