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Forced Order
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What is the name of Greendale's 'one man party'?
What does Pierce bequeath to Annie in 'Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking'?
What are the two extremes of Dean Pelton and Pierce's skin color chart?
Who is the first character to get kicked out of Abed's Christmas wonderland?
What nickname does Professor Kane call Starburns in both 'Biology 101' and 'Basic Lupine Urology'?
What is the subject of the debate in 'Debate 109'?
What name does Jeff give the fake professor of his Conspiracy Theories class?
What new line of wetwipes does Pierce try to market in 'Advanced Gay'?
What is the name of Inspector Spacetime's constable?
During whose timeline do Jeff and Annie kiss in 'Remedial Chaos Theory'?
What kind of cookie does Abed bring the study group, causing a fight, in 'Comparative Religion'?
What is the name of the Halloween episode in season one?
What does Shirley dress up as for Annie's anti-drug play?
What is the name of the gnome waiter in 'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons'?
Who are the final two candidates in the debate in 'Intro to Political Science'?
What country does Troy represent in 'Geography of Global Conflict'?
What is the name of Britta's carnie ex-boyfriend?
What album did Annie lose her virginity to?
Who plays Jeff's former boss, Ted, in 'Accounting for Lawyers'?
Who said: 'Damn, he's ghost-riding the jib!'
Who said: 'I loved you in... IMDB'
Who said: 'In summation, good luck and bon appetit!'
Who said: 'Plans just fall off me like chicken crap off an armadillo!'
Who said: 'I'm sorry I called you Michael Douglas'
What was the name of the French student Dean Pelton texted about the Toni Braxton concert moving?
What picture is used for Chevy Chase in the Halloween version of the opening credits?
What group sentences Chang to 'pretendsies' death in 'A Fistful of Paintballs'?
What is the name of the horse in Troy, Abed and Annie's shadow puppet show?
What song does Britta tap dance to in 'Interpretive Dance'?
What personal message did Christian Bale write on Troy and Abed's special edition DVD of 'The Dark Knight'?
What two kinds of 'sauce' do Chang babies like?
What household appliance does Britta use to inspire Jeff in 'Home Economics'?
What celebrity does Abed hire an impersonator of for Jeff and Britta's wedding in 'Anthropology 101'?
What perk does Abed give to Britta in 'Contemporary American Poultry'?
Who told the Dean that the new school flag was a butt?
Which two politicians does Troy mention in his 'politically conservative high school's shamefully outdated fight rap'?
Which member of the study group is the first to die in 'Modern Warfare'?
Which member of the study group is the first to die in 'For a Few Paintballs More'?
Which Jack Nicholson movie does Shirley quote in her presentation in 'Environmental Science'?
Who does Dean Pelton dress up as to remind the study group about Daylight Savings Time?

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