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Forced Order
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Surprise! I'm back.
Meaning, in every snowflake.
Come closer. Closer...
Are we done in this reality yet? Hello? Hellooo?
If it's worth shooting once, it's probably worth shooting a lot!
Yes, yes, hurry, I have important work to get back to!
All things have consequence.
Shed the frailty of flesh, embrace the cold edge of iron.
I might be made of stone, but that doesn't mean my heart is.
Fear not, I'm coming.
I only do one night stands.
I dance because I'm free!
You call this civilized?
Dusk approaches.
I miss my kind.
Aged like a fine egg.
As was foreseen.
Are we there yet?
Peace requires a steady hand.
My diet is expensively unique.
The daylight! It burns!'
Who needs a map?
A Noxian knows who he is, and what he must do.
From my mind to yours.
Our future will be bright.
None will control me.
Pull the strings. Watch them dance.
My broken heart still beats.
No prison can hold me!
Yup, that tasted purple.
Now I'm angry.
In the end, only the dead shall remain.
There, for grace, I go.
Holy sh**, where are we?
I'm moving as fast as I can.
This body is just one of many!
Am I the abyss? Or did I gaze into it?
No one tells me what to do. Not anymore.
You've got dangerous eyes... I like that.
Looks can be deceiving.
Let's just behave... said no one, ever.
Never trust a bilgerat!
On wings of fire, hope ascends.
The stars were the question. I was the answer.
The trolls are going to war!
To shake, or not to shake.
Onward! The spear points in only one direction.
Places to go, me to see.
Get paid, and get out.
You need not follow, but you must witness.
The shadow approaches.
Technology and I have a... complicated relationship.
I am the wind!'
Fear the Void.
Let's get this party started!
Follow my blade!
The world is my loom, and every stone my thread.
Wolf chases what does not willingly go.
Those trapped in darkness need light the most.
If you can smile, you can be the light.
This blade never gets any lighter.
I have chosen you, you will serve me.
Every step; a new journey.
I carry a lot more than these blades.
All beings are made of the same stardust.
Others try. I succeed.
Welcome the havoc.
Run... while you can.
My place is at the top.
Embrace progress.
A snowball is never just a snowball, if you believe in magic!
Land, ho!
For my father, the king.
Rebellion puts the fire in my blood.
Just a little bit closer!
The forest holds many surprises.
Armed and ready.
With every step, two steps. With every breath, two breaths.
You are null and void.
I smell black magics.
Sometimes you gotta make a door.
I know what they desire.
Charmed, I'm sure.
Sometimes a shark takes the bait, and sinks the whole ship.
Master yourself, master the enemy.
* will go where he pleases!
Flee into the forest? I am the forest.
I will not rest.
I've got you under my skin.
Quit flopping around.
More! So empty.
Life is too short for fear.
Time is wasting.
I'll sleep when they're good and dead.
The might of Lokfar approaches!
Never trust a butterfly with a secret.
You swing on the boss? You better not miss.
As Ionia changes, so must I.
My spirit is not lost.
I return stronger than I left.
We're dead much longer than we are alive
Your commands tire me.
On wings of fury.
There's nowhere to hide.
I remain focused.
Are you my nightmare, or am I yours?
Power. Fear. These are my weapons.
First light approaches.
Come play with me.
What am I?'
Never had luck. Never needed it.
After fight ends, everyone invited to picnic! Even enemies.
I'm on it, blackshoe!
Stick to the plan, Val.
Do not deny your instincts, summoner.
People fear what they cannot understand.
I'm not arrogant, I'm right.
Why thanks! I do work out.
My presence causes them... distress.
What do you mean this doesn't look safe?
With balanced steps.
Mother always said - don't lose!
Brave the shadows, find the truth.
Keep friends close and enemies guessing.
Time tick-ticks away.
Me, miss? Not by a long shot.
My work is not done.
Easy, partner.
I am the thing under the bed.
Who wants a piece of this?
The thunder calls.
Keep your enemies close… and me closer.
My forge is my home.
Rubbing my head on you means you're mine!
I cannot be good. I must be perfection.
What do you mean my hammer's too big?
Ride onward!
I will show you the path.
Echoes from the deep.
These runes are not for eyes such as yours.
A Demacian does not retreat.
Whose head shall I take?
So many secrets buried in ice.

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