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Can you name the Peep Show: who said it? Mark or Jeremy?

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Sperm is like lending someone less than a fiver; you can't really ask for it back.
Warm copies make everything better.
I feel like my soul is being chipped away bit by bit.
God, it's so easy being a freak, no wonder there's ten a penny.
Congratulations. You've killed a sentient being.
Not the Hootenanny! Never the Hootenanny! We’re better than that.
Stalking's a very loaded term, I prefer to think of it as extreme liking.
If I don’t think about it, there’s always a chance it didn’t happen.
I would literally stab a baby to do it.
Come on Super Hans, let’s get you some crack.
Hang on, so you’re saying you could rape me but you couldn’t make love to me?
Nobody is going to die, this is southern England.
There he goes, Duvet Cape Man, off to his toilet kitchen.
At least she didn’t wee on me. That’s a positive.
Maybe the pressure will build to the point where we actually try to **** each other.
You're a fuckhead, that's what you are! A **** ****!
What should i do after i’ve pissed myself? **** myself? Eat myself?
Please don’t touch my floppy cock.
We'll be friends, like the friends on Friends!
What a bastard. Destroys my perfect love just because it's built on lies.
This is almost definetely a terrible idea. But I won't know for certain until I've actually done it.
Here’s some flowers, they'll very soon die, but then again everything does in good time.
Okay then, see you later... baby.
Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can't face reality.
I mean, I'm not on the Child Protection Register... yet!
Doesn't matter if you're single or in a couple: you are going to die.
This is good, this is like watching a porno, except I can't see anything, I haven't got a hard on and I want to cry.
God, look at me talking to a builder like we're both on the same level.
It doesnt matter, its lost knowledge, like how the aliens did the pyramids.
There's probably much less to worry about with gay sex. I mean, you know where you are with a cock.
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