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What is Monk's wife's FULL maiden name?
What is Natalie's middle name?
What instrument does Monk play?
What is Monk's favorite dish?
What was Trudy's favorite dish?
What was the name of the daredevil that Harold Krenshaw impersonated?
In Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure, what color was the cellphone that helped Monk solve the case?
What did Monk say his name was in Mr. Monk is at your service?
What was the name of the play in Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater?
What was the only animal to DIRECTLY kill anyone in all of Monk?
What was the name of the cult Monk joined during an undercover investigation?
What did Monk suggest happen to the city as a solution to the garbage strike?
What was the name of the TV program featured in Mr. Monk's 100th Case?
In Mr. Monk and the Genius, what poisonous flower did Monk discover in the suspect's yard?
What catch phrase posed as a trigger for a murder in Mr. Monk is on the Air
In Mr. Monk and the Girl who Cried Wolf, what was the murder weapon?
What type of candy bar was poisoned in Mr. Monk goes Home Again?
When Monk unknowingly gets drunk while interrogating a suspect, what insult does he come up with?
In Mr. Monk and the Other Detective, what exact noise does Marty Eels say he heard on the phone?
In Mr. Monk Gets Fired, what silly thing does the Police Commisioner refuse to admit?
What is Randy allergic to?
What was the name of Marci Maven's dead dog?
What Christmas present does the Captain give Randy in the final scene of Mr. Monk and the Miracle?
In Mr. Monk is Someone Else, after Harold nearly blows his cover, he turns to a starinng couple nearby and says 'finish your ______'
In Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame, what phrase did the victim use to remember the license plate of the car that hit him?

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