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Fantasy Shows Based on Books
Pick the fantasy TV shows that are all based on books.
Their ABC, CBS, & NBC Shows
Given, in order, an ABC, then a CBS, and finally an NBC series, can you name the one actor that was a regular in all three of them.
120 Game of Thrones Characters
It's easier to identify a person by their head.
For Sale: Game of Thrones
The Westeros real estate market is hot right now.
Who Wore It? Game of Thrones Season 1 Female Characters
Heads have been removed to protect their identities.
TV Show by Kippah
Name the TV shows referenced on these kippahs (yarmulkes).
Sitcoms By First Names
In some sitcom bars, everybody knows your name.
Which Has More Episodes II
It's tough to binge-watch shows that have over 600 episodes.
Missing Word: 4-Letter Words in TV Shows
Name the missing four letter words from these tv shows.
Venn Diagram - TV Series
Pick the correct section of the Venn diagram for each of these TV series.
Television Acrostic Puzzle
Can you solve this puzzle by either answering the clues or deciphering the words in the quote at the top? (See 'How To Play')
Sports on TV
Name the TV shows from an image of its characters playing sports.
Television without 'Television'
There's some level of inception going on here, but it's a little backwards.
Game of Thrones: Missing House Words
A Lannister always repays his blanks.
Find the TV Weirdos
Context not required.
Ruined By A Letter: Cartoons
For each animated cartoon, a letter has been substituted to ruin the title. Can you click the correct letter which has been replaced?
Actresses on Two Long Running Series
These ladies took up a lot of screen time. Twice.
TV Show by Biography Title
Complete the biography title with the correct missing word/TV show.
1960s TV Slivers: Leading Ladies
Can you find the leading lady characters of 1960's Television from the slivers below?
To Boldly Go Into The Twilight Zone
The Final Frontier has changed.
Star Trek: Click-an-Entity
Pick the correct non-corporeal or gaseous lifeform, space-based organism, or alien entity.
'L' Simpson Picture Click
Can you find the letter 'L' Simpsons characters?
TV Shows Cut Off at 'L'
If we're cutting off at "L," does this make us Sporc?
Get the Picture: SNL or SCTV?
Can you choose whether the given performer was a cast member on Saturday Night Live or Second City Television?
'O' & 'P' TV Shows by Cast Photo
Are you down with O&P? (Yeah, you know me.)
TV Shows That Began & Ended the Same Years II
Can you name either of the TV shows on each slide, both of which began and ended the same years?
Missing Word: TV Girl Power
Name the missing word from these TV Shows featuring women.
Football on TV Shows
Can you identify these TV Shows when provided with a football-related scene?
TV Watching TV
There's some level of Inception going on here.
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